What Is The Power Of Mirai Sarutobi? Is He a Great and Dangerous Ninja?


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<h4 style= Mirai Sarutobi will appear in the anime series Boruto to test Boruto and his comrades. So what is the power of Mirai Sarutobi? Let's predict here.

Mirai Sarutobi is the only daughter of the couple Asuma Sarutobi and Kurenai Yuhi. Unfortunately, Mirai must grow without being accompanied by his father because Asuma Sarutobi had already died before even Mirai was born.

Although growing up without a paternal assistant, does not mean Mirai grew up as an ordinary ninja, instead Mirai Sarutobi is one of the talented Ninjas in Konoha. Then, the power of Mirai Sarutobi like what ya? Mirai downgrades his father's basic abilities or elements:

Wind and Fire

These two interrelated elements are the basic elements possessed by Mirai Sarutobi. Kurenai Yuhi himself is rarely exposed and demonstrated his strength in elemental control, and is more often shown using Genjutsu, so let us assume that these two elements are descended from the father.

Mirai Sarutobi's power in controlling this element has also not been clearly demonstrated, besides the most basic of the same Chakra knife techniques as his father's ability.

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Chakra Knives

Chakra Knife is one of the capabilities possessed by Asuma Sarutobi, and is his trademark. With this ability, Asuma will drain the Chakra into his knife, thus forming a sharper Chakra longer than his own knife.

Asuma Sarutobi passes this power on to his daughter, so Mirai can use the Chakra knife technique. As seen in preview anime Boruto episode 38, Mirai makes this Chakra blade the main weapon.

Despite the main weapon, however Mirai has not been shown using this knife with Chakra flow. Probably because the opponents are Boruto, Sarada, and Mitsuki, so Mirai hold back a little so as not to endanger these kids too much.

What is the ability of Mirai's basic elements, namely his Fire and Wind elements? Check the next page.


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