What If Madara Uchiha Became The First Hokage For Konoha? Is the State getting better or worse? (Part 1)


Good or bad if Madara Uchiha became the First Hokage? Madara could have become agent of change in the shinobi world with his strength and ambition even making Konoha the strongest village. Is that true? Check out the full review.

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In the era of the leadership of the First Hokage, many things happened as the cause of the occurrence of events in the present. The political and economic situation is certainly not yet stable, since Konoha as a large village has many interests and needs that must be accommodated.

Despite being thoughtful and attentive to the common people, in the era of Hasirama's leadership, there are still many villagers who are not satisfied with their leadership. Some may even complain, "Well, if I choose Madara to be the First Hokage, it must be better."

The author will try to present the scheme what if Madara Uchiha became Hokage. Whether things are getting better or worse. This scheme can be a reflection of those who are dissatisfied with the situation or in the anime manga world, it can be a fantasy for your fans Naruto . Part 1 will discuss the impact or changes that occurred when Madara Uchiha became the first Hokage before Naruto's zero point.

Here is a condition that occurs if Madara Uchiha becomes the First Hokage.

Hashirama and Madara Will Still Fight in the Valley of Death

When Madara Uchiha became the First Hokage, surely he would appoint Hashirama to be his chief counselor. It is imperative that Madara has the pride to appoint him as a counselor because in a fight that results in a peaceful appointment, Madara or the Uchiha clan are the losers.

Madara has a strong character and ambition to make Konoha a strong and unbeatable village and he does have the qualities for it. But it seems Madara's ambition is not in line with Hashirama's thinking of more important inter-village cooperation and peace being his ultimate goal.

On the one hand, Madara wants to make Konoha a top-notch village, while Hashirama wants to realize world peace. This conflict of opinion will surely lead to quarrels and even big battles between them.

The conflict may end up as it is in the current story. Madara and Hashirama will fight all-out to seek justification for their own ideals. This fight is certainly a fierce battle.

Both are dubbed as shinobi the greatest of that period. If Hashirama wins this fight, then Madara will be defeated or killed so that the Konoha's leadership will fall into Hashirama's hands as in the current Naruto story. Although the circumstances will change, but the change is not radical remembering before the fight in the Valley of Death, not many event took place.

Well, what if Madara wins the battle? This is where things will change drastically. This means that Madara's ideals will be realized in Konoha.

Listen on the second page if Madara managed to defend his position as the First Hokage


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