What If Hyuga Has a Byakugan!?

Captain Tsubasa is one of the sports animasi superpower series which is full of soccer techniques beyond reason-but quite entertaining. In addition, the plot and characters that appear in the Captain Tsubasa series are truly iconic and inspire children. Well, speaking of characters, Kojiro Hyuga may be one of the most popular characters.

Kojiro Hyuga is Tsubasa's biggest rival. Characters that have a variety of techniques full of energy kick is arguably the character that makes the name Hyuga became popular among Indonesian children in the 90s and early 2000s. If anyone mentions Hyūga, it must have been the immediate thought of Kojiro Hyuga.

In fact, after Naruto releases and airs in Indonesia, the appearance of Neji Hyuga is also often linked with Kojiro Hyuga. Questions such as "This Hyuga is a Hyuga in Captain Tsubasa " or "Can Neji play soccer?" Or "does Kojiro Hyuga have a Byakugan?" Sometimes crossed the heads of children at the time-including me .

Ok, maybe it's just me who thinks so …


Obviously, for the first question it is clear the answer is "no" because Naruto and Captain Tsubasa are two different series. The second question also seems to be answered "no" since football is not a popular sport among the RT and RW communities of the Konoha village.

Well, this last question is interesting! Answer of "Does Kojiro Hyuga have a Byakugan?" Of course "no". But if I think it's interesting that this Hyuga has a Byakugan-remember Captain Tsubasa itself is a series full of super powers.

Hyūga can combine the eyes with a game of football and make the series Captain Tsubasa become more interesting. Approximately, this is how Hyūna has a Byakugan:

So Gods Dribble

 kojiro hyuga has Byakugan captain tsubasa "width =" 754 "height =" 418 "/> 

<p class= The way to snatch the ball from Hyuga is through the blind point.But it's almost impossible …

In the Naruto series the Byakugan is a special eye that makes its users able to see 360 ​​ 0 remotely, and also penetrates solid objects. Imagine, if Kojiro Hyuga has it in Captain Tsubasa . He will be able to see and know the positions of all his friends or opponents in the field.

This makes Hyuga, when carrying the ball, it's hard to get captured. The enemy will find it difficult to settle or approach Hyuga secretly while carrying the ball. He can be a god dribble in the Captain Tsubasa series that even exceeds the character whose name is used as the title of this series!

Probably, the only character who can snatch the ball from Hyuga is kak Seto Mulyadi with sledingan death

There are still other unique things that happen if Kojiro Hyuga has a Byakugan. Go to page 2!

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