What Happens When a Digimon Dies? This explanation


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<h4 style= What happens if the Digimon dies in a fight? Is there a system of Heaven and Hell in the Digital World? Consider the following explanation.

Just like humans, of course Digimon or Digital Monster can also find its end. There may be one Digimon whose death you always remember, none other than Leomon.

Either his fate is bad or how, but Leomon almost always dies in all series. Any Leomon or variations (such as Bancholeomon, Lowemon, or Panjyamon) will usually be made to die, as if it were a routine.

What does happen if Leomon or another Digimon dies in a fight? Is there a system of Heaven and Hell in the Digital World? If you're curious, then you go into the right article.

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<p style= When the Digimon dies, the Digimon will be brought to the Dark Area, here the fate of the Digimon is determined. The Dark Area is an area full of evil energy and darkness. Here also the grave as well as Hell for the Digimon.

The digimon who becomes the caretaker and guard of the Dark Area is Anubismon. This god's digimon will determine the fate of the dead Digimon. There are several provisions for Anubismon in selecting Digimon.

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<p style= If the Digimon is good and has a holy heart, then Anubismon will revive it again to DigiEgg, and the Digimon's life will start again from scratch, one example being Leomon. What if the evil Digimon is dead?

If the Digimon's data is evil, then his fate will be different. The digimon will be held in the Dark Area. One of the evil Digimon cases held in the Dark Area is Lucemon. In a way, the Dark Area is Hell for the evil Digimon.

Not only confined, there is still another possibility, that is eaten. The dead evil Digimon is in the Dark Area, and the ruler of the Dark Area, the dead Digimon land is Plutomon.

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<p style= Plutomon has a peculiar fondness, which is chewing. He has a mouth on his shoulders, complete with sharp fangs. As the ruler of the Dark Area, it is certainly easy for Plutomon to eat data from the evil Digimon.

Well, such is the fate experienced if the Digimon die. What do you think? Write your opinion in the comment field yes.


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