What Happens If the Shichibukai Is Disbanded?

There is something interesting in One Piece chapter 905. When speaking with Ryokugyu, Fujitora conveys interesting info.

"You've had a great trip, have not you? How is Vegapunk? "Asked Ryokugyu to Fujitora.

"Yes. I did not really meet him, but he has created something very extraordinary. "

"Oh, that means …"

Fujitora also asserted, "Shichibukai is no longer needed!"

Hmmm, maybe this is the reason Fujitora got desperate to come to Mariejois even though Sakazuki has insisted he should not be present to any Navy headquarters? He wants to submit a proposal to the World Government for the Shichibukai to be dissolved?

Essentially, the Shichibukai required the World Government as an additional force to fight against Yonko. Even so, Crocodile, Doflamingo, Marshall D. Teach, even Law and Boa Hancock actually abuse power as a Shichibukai.

If these pirates are deprived of their privileges, there will be furor. According to the author, this is what will happen if the Shichibukai is dissolved.



Hancock and Buggy the Most Threatened



The remaining Shichibukai now are: Mihawk, Weevil, Kuma, Buggy, and Hancock. Law had left his position, while Doflamingo was arrested.

The author feels Mihawk is safe. For two decades One Piece, he never embarrassed the name of the World Government nor moved with his own agenda. His greatest sin is probably to train Zoro, a member of that exciting Straw Hat crew. But it seems that it is not known to many people.

Mihawk is also able to face Shanks when Shanks still has two arms. It feels the Navy knows that chasing Mihawk will only seek disease.

Kuma? Kuma is already a Pacifista, so he's obviously very safe.

On the contrary, Buggy, who has always seemed to survive in favor of the Shichibukai position and his mighty men, can panic when the Navy sees a sudden ambush.

The Kuja tribe may be strong. But Hancock was in danger because he has been ignoring calls. He even openly attacked Smoker at the Battle of Marineford, and apparently could not be dealt with because of his status.

In addition, Hancock also received a position as Shichibukai from the beginning because he wanted to protect the Kuja. As part of the agreement, World Government minions are banned from entering the island. The treaty will be clearly annulled when the Shichibukai is dissolved.

Continue discussing what happens if the Shichibukai is disbanded can you check on the second page!

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