What Happens If One Person Eats Two Different Devil Fruits?

Devil Fruit ( Devil Fruit ) is a mystical fruit that will give anyone who eats the fruit a special power depending on the type and variety of the fruit. As we know, only one person can only get and use one Devil fruit power-except Blackbeard. But what if someone forced himself to eat more than one devil? Will he have two powers or …?

Eiichiro Oda as creator One Piece himself once said that the Devil's fruits would be a common fruit if someone had bitten them once. That way, there will be no two people who have the same power. This is, at times, much misunderstood by fans that the power of the second devoured fruits will substitute for the first fruit-power when in reality it is not so.


This is further emphasized in chapter 385 when Ennies Lobby arc. At that time, Jabra, one of the CP9 members, looked panicked and frightened when he saw Ushi Ushi no Mi Model: Giraffe and Awa Awa no Mi brought by Spandam. Jabra explains that he is frightened by a terrible rumor about a Devil fruit user who is too much with other Devil fruit.

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<p style= The rumor says if a user of the power of the Devil fruit is near another Devil fruit, then the devil in the fruit will appear and begin to fight with the devil from within the power user's body. The battle between the two will cause the person to explode.

Of course, this rumor is just a rumor. However, news of the exploding Devil fruit user is true. Continue to page 2 for full explanation!

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