Welcomes Live-Action, Fullmetal Alchemist Style Helmet Kitty's Stylish Fullmetal Accessories Released!


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<h4> Welcome film <em> live-action </em> <em> Fullmetal Alchemist </em>Sanrio produces <em> merchandise </em> which is cute. </h4>
<p> Not only the cute Godzilla made by Hello Kitty, Sanrio will also create cute merchandises based on the character <em> Fullmetal Alchemist </em>. It is in order to welcome the film <em> live-action </em> <em> Fullmetal Alchemist. </em> </p>
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<p> On another occasion we discussed the cute merchandise in Godzilla X Hello Kitty. And this time the film <em> Fullmetal Alchemist </em> also got a cute merchandise design. <span id= This product line represents tie-ins from the live action which airs this December.

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<p> <span id= At least now we can see some designs of Edward and Alphonse characters that are cute and cool, some of them in the form of key chains, water bottles, tote bags, plushies, pens, mugs, pencil cases, and more.

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<p> These products are featured on <span id= The Sanrio Expo, which features Sanrio's new merchandise. At this event Sanrio also revealed the design for collaboration with Fullmetal Alchemist . Actor Shinji Uchiyama, who played Gluttony in the upcoming live [actionmovie was also present at the event.

This collaboration uses five design variations. The design variations of the Sanrio-style designs super-deformed and shaped characters pea-sized runt lovable stew lovable apple pie and incompetent on rainy days. The form of design fate line shows the attachment between characters while the design vintage card is inspired by the form of cards and labels of antiquity and character ala picture book .

The product will officially go on sale at retailers such as Kiddy Land and Tokyu Hands in December, but at least in Tokyo and Osaka City can see this product at an event Fullmetal Alchemist Exhibition from September to November. Ichiban Plaza Tokyo Character Street inside Tokyo Station will also offer items in limited stores in November.

Film Fullmetal Alchemist this story will end in a complete film. Edward Elric was 20 years old when he was 15 years old in the manga. Alphonse will perform in a full CG animation.

Mangaka Hiromu Arakawa who makes Fullmetal Alchemist is drawing "special edition comic" so that those who attend theater screenings in Japan will be able to get it.

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