Welcome Halloween, Let's See 6 Animanga About The Best Zombies!


This animated row of zombies is a must-see for Halloween Day which falls on 31 October. Approximately what animanga ya?


I am a Hero

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<p> If you want to listen to an animanga that revolves around the zombies, it seems the right choice is to enjoy the interesting story of manga <em> I am a Hero </em> by Kengo Hanazawa. </p>
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The story I Am a Hero focused on a character named Hideo Suzuki, a 35-year-old man who became a mangaka assistant paid for low-cost wages. Hideo is frustrated with her boring life. In fact, he thinks that if he is a loser who has low self-esteem.

However the fate of Hideo changed drastically when the zombie outbreak struck Japan. This is caused by a dangerous ZQN virus that can make a person lose his wits and attack and eat other human beings around him.

Capital shotgun, Hideo is trying to survive and on his flight he meets many strangers. Would he become a hero?


School-Live! (Gakkou Gurashi!)

Do not be fooled by the appearance of his cute aka kawaii character. Behind it all, this anime presents a bunch of zombies attacking the school.

Adapted from the manga by Norimitsu Kaihou, Gakkou Gurashi tells of a city that has just been attacked by a zombie invasion. Yuki Takeya and his friends were trying to survive by making school life club to live everyday life in school. It was intended to take refuge from a zombie attack.


Highschool of the Dead

Animanga about the next zombies is Highschool of the Dead. The anime is narrated in the present day of Japan, where their inhabitants are stricken by an epidemic that turns humans into zombies. The beginning of the story itself comes from a Japanese high school school. When the school had started the lesson, a zombie came from the gate and bitten the school guard.

Just like other zombie animos, the main character of Takashi and Rei must survive and even defeat the zombies.


Sunday Without God

Set in a world where God no longer cares about human life. As a result, the baby is not born, and the dead are also abandoned.

This life keeps the dead who have no shelter. They again rise up as zombies and harass humanity.


Kore wa Zombie Desu ka?

Animanga about the next zombi is Kore wa Zombie Desu ka. This zombie anime often brings up the silly side of the main character, Aikawa Ayumu.

Narrated if Aikawa Ayumu is a high school student saved from death by Eucliwood Hellscythe. As a result, Ayumu came back to life as a zombie. Life as a zombie lived by Ayamu is more funny when met silly characters like Haruna and Masou Shoujo.



Sankarea not only offers brutal zombies hunting for mankind. Moreover, the anime released in 2012 presents a romantic story.

Tells of Chirio Furuya, a young man who is obsessed with zombies. One day, Chirio's pet died. He also tries to revive his cat with a potion that can transform dead living beings back up.

Elsewhere, a girl named Sankarea is fed up with her life. Until finally he fell from the abyss and died. But before falling, he was able to drink a potion called Chirio Artificial Herbs. Usefulness, Sankarea can return from the dead and live as a zombie. The story continues on Chirio's relationship with Zombi Sankarea.

Well where is the animanga about your favorite zombies?


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