"We Have No Collaboration Plan with ALTIMA!"


In the event of Anime Festival Asia Singapore 2017 (AFASG 2017) yesterday from 24 to 26 November 2017, fripSide became one of the performing artists in I Love Anisong concert which was held on the third day ie on 26 November 2017.

On the sidelines of their busyness in the event, the team Duniaku.net briefly chatted with both fripSide personnel namely Yaginuma Satoshi (Sat) and Yoshino Nanjo, where they told about single their new and also their collaboration with angela. Let's get on with it!

Could you please tell me about your latest single for the anime Killing Bites?

Sat: Yes, this new single song will be used as the opening theme for the anime of Killing Bites, anime about humans of fighting animal hybrids. Because the theme is 'battle', this song will be more nuanced rock, which is actually a new thing for fripSide. May you all enjoy it.

For Sat, ALTIMA itself is rumored to be returning from hiatus and will appear in NBC Universal Animemusic Fes. Is it possible that fripSide will collaborate with ALTIMA?

Sat: Nothing! Unfortunately no. Somewhat difficult, because I myself is half the part of fripSide and also half of ALTIMA. For me fripSide is fripSide and ALTIMA is ALTIMA, I want to focus to each group. But the collaboration is an interesting idea to try, maybe later in the future.

Since debut, is there anything that is most memorable for you guys?

fripSide: Lots, it's hard to pick one.

Sat: This year is a 15th anniversary for fripSide. So far, it's amazing, not only in Japan, but the overseas fans really support our music even to have their own circle.

To me this is a miracle in which we were able to achieve so far and this is what made memorable for me.

Nanjo: Can collaborate with various artists like KOTOKO. Also during the 10th anniversary concert titled DECADE, where I can sing along with Nao, the previous fripSide vocalist.

It is a memorable thing for me. Especially in this year is the 15th anniversary of fripSide.

From the beginning, all the fripSide songs were made by Sat. Can you tell me a little how the process?

Sat: Computer, hahaha! In making songs, it's more like a fight between me and the computer. If it has not been completed, I will continue to work it out. It also takes things like courage, effort, hard work, sweat, blood and tears!

In addition to the anime, fripSide also created many songs for the game. Is there a difference making songs for games and for anime?

Sat: There is now a lot of mobage. Of course there is a difference. For anime, the duration is shorter than the game. So in making songs for games, we are more able to express and experiment.

But we are also anisong singers, so we do not prioritize more games than anime. Both are the same, we also devote the best to make an anime song. I am very serious in both.

How does it feel to go back to Singapore again after so long? Is there anything you want or want to do in Singapore?

Nanjo: We are happy to be back here again. When we had to change transport like a bus, I was reminded of the memories of previous visits, like Merlion.

The more we come, the more we gain our memory of Singapore. I really love chicken rice, and I will definitely buy the sauce to take home. I am also very fond of the rich hours (rich jam).

In the fripSide music video, a lot of collaborative displays with comedians. Is there a special reason behind this?

Sat: Due to the fun! It's funny not to use comedians for an MV. Perhaps for overseas fans, not many know who the comedians are, because they are more popular in Japan.

Maybe in the future we want to use more famous comedians globally. But it is rather difficult to do, because of course they are busy. Who are the famous comedians around the world? PPAP? (which then greeted the laughter of the whole room).

* Yasuda-san the translator also gave Sat some popular Japanese comedian names abroad, and they began to discuss plans to include them in the next fripSide MV * hahaha *

fripSide has released an album titled 'crossroads' in the 15th anniversary. Can you tell me a little about the album?

Sat: Before Nanjo became the vocalist of fripSide, I really wanted to bring back the old song fripSide, so the fans can feel the current one.

Not only the old song, but also there is a new song fripSide. There is also a poll for fans where fans can choose which song they like to put in the album. Not only fans in Japan, fans outside Japan can also participate in the voting.

Is there a long-term plan owned by fripSide?

Sat: The hardest thing for an artist is to keep working. In the future, I hope to continue working as fripSide and continue to release songs. Not only for fans in Japan, but also for fans outside Japan.

Nanjo: The fripSide is like Sat who is expressing his music. When I just joined and felt I made a MV with comedians, or made a surprise in concert, when I first did I was very surprised.

But as we continue with fripSide, we can create something that fans really enjoy, and that will continue to be our goal and things we will continue to do as fripSide.

Is there a unique experience when you collaborate with angela?

Nanjo: Very interesting! angela itself is a very powerful and energetic group. Outside the stage, they are also very good, like onii-san and onee-san for me. Can perform and collaborate with them, I am very happy.

Sat: Angela has often come to Singapore, so everyone must know how energetic and powerful they are on stage.

For Nanjo who is younger than me. But me, Katsu, and Atsuko alone are the same age, so Nanjo should call them as ojii-san and obaa-san! (Sat said with a joke). They both are very friendly people. I really like them.

Nanjo: When angela performs here, have they ever introduced themselves as fripSide? (which was not answered by the whole room yet). If so, at the concert later, we plan to introduce ourselves as angela by saying "Hello, we are angela!" (Then greeted by the laughter of the whole room)

Sat: Let's do it tonight! There are not many girl group duo and guys in Japan. So actually angela itself is like our rival, but at the same time, we are friends. (Sat and Nanjo finally got to do it in their concert at night)

So the end of our talk with both fripSide personnel in that special year for their 15th anniversary. Hopefully fripSide can continue to work!

Some photo credits to C3 Anime Festival Asia Singapore

Edited by Doni Jaelani


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