Watch out! 10 Anime It Will Make You Break the Fast!

Fasting is full of temptation. It can not be denied anywhere and anytime. Even in our daily spectacle, we are not free from the temptations to break the fast.

In the world of a thousand, moreover. The variation of content in popular anime makes things like this unavoidable. To help you survive this ordeal, here are the Anime titles that you should watch carefully in the month of fasting!



Suzumiya Haruhi No Yuutsu



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<p> Suzumiya Haruhi is an enormous entity throughout the anime galaxy, and she has a loyal following in the real world too. Be careful when watching all the behavior of Suzumiya Haruhi, even though we are invited to take her friend's point of view, Kyon. </p>
<p> Haruhi has the charm and power of the gods to capture his followers. Be careful before you become one of the loyal followers <em> Haruhi-ism. </em> </p>
<p> In 2018 this fortunate influence <em> Haruhi-ism </em> has been softened, but always wary of latent danger <em> Haruhi-ism </em> who peeked in every corner of the anime world! </p>
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Obviously, Gintama is not just having a thunderous comedy, but also a cool action! But when fasting, it's good we avoid portions of humor and just watch the serious parts of the series.

Moreover, Gintama also shows vulgar jokes that could have canceled the sacrifice of his victim by just mentioning the title alone! More than making upset, this anime should indeed be watched very carefully!

What about the other dangerous anime? Check out the sequel on the next page!

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