Watch it! The King of Fighters Destiny Episode 3: Angelina


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SNK has released the first episode of The King of Fighters Destiny . The King of Fighters Destiny is an animated CG series based on game fighting The King of Fighters . This episode can be seen on YouTube. And to The King of Fighters Destiny Episode 3 entitled Angelina.

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This episode opens with Kyo Kusanagi, Goro Daimon, and Benimaru Nikaido, alongside Ryo Sakazaki being on a street at night. Suddenly came Robert Garcia preach that Yuri Sakazaki, sister of Ryo, fled from home. Yuri left a video message sent to Robert.

Seeing the video, Benimaru felt that he had seen Yuri's figure. Kyo reminds that the woman who hit Benimaru at the airport, similar to Yuri. Convinced that it was Yuri, Benimaru offered his help to find where the whereabouts of Yuri.

In the midst of Yuri's quest, Kyo asks about the presence of a fighter wearing a hat and a red jacket-which of course is Terry-Ryo. Unfortunately, Ryo is not aware of the existence of the fighter.

On the other hand, Terry Bogard is hanging out in a bar. Suddenly he was visited by a woman named Angelina. He claimed to be the son-in-law of Geese Howard.

Suddenly there was chaos in the bar. A throwing bottle leads toward Angelina. Terry punched the bottle. But suddenly Angelina kisses Terry! Either what's due to a crush or is not accidental.

The troublemaker in the bar turned out to be Joe Higashi, who seemed to make trouble while playing pool. Tery also decided to help Joe, while leaving the bar and also Angelina.

The King of Fighters: Destiny is an animated CG series created by animation studios from China. It is said that this series will consist of 24 episodes, and is a tie-in of the latest mobile game promotion of The King of Fighters .

Trivia: As Angelina sings at the bar, the song she sings is cut because it can be problematic with the song's license.

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