Watch it! The King of Fighters Destiny Episode 2: Kyokugen Style


Action Ryo Sakazaki shows the style of Kyokugen Style in The King of Fighters Destiny Episode 2: Kyokugen Style


SNK has released the second episode of The King of Fighters Destiny . The King of Fighters Destin y is an animated CG series based on game fighting The King of Fighters.

This episode can be seen on YouTube, ie The King of Fighters Destiny Episode 2 titled Kyokugen Style .

This 18-minute episode introduces new characters to the story, such as Billy Kane, Ryo Sakazaki, and Robert Garcia. .

The scene opens with a continuation of flashback Bogard family tragedy. Terry and Andy hold a grudge against Geese, but Terry prevents Andy from looking rash. Before his death, his father Jeff Bogard entrusted them to hide and hunt on Tung Fu Rue.

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On the other hand, When Kyo Kusanagi, Benimaru Nikaido, and Goro Daimon visited the Kyokugen Style Dojo in South Town. They find Ryo Sakazaki, one of the Kyokugen Style masters, being attacked by people in black clothes.

Ryo is annoyed with the act of people dressed in black, then chases him. At first he was going on a motorcycle, unfortunately his motorcycle damaged. He also chases with a small bike.

Benimaru is challenged by the big name Kyokugen, about to challenge Ryo. But as soon as he was gone, he chased Ryo to leave his two friends.

Kyo then interrogates the person left in the dojo. He also knew that they were heading to Geese Tower. By taxi, they headed to Geese Tower. Because using a taxi, it is Kyo and Goro who arrived first in the Geese Tower.

At Geese Tower, Ryo is confronted by a bodyguard who appears to be a fighter. He is Billy Kane, who is typical of bandana and his long tristick . Ryo was fighting against Billy.

Benimaru who came later, just joined in a fight. At the time of this uproar, Kyo realizes the presence of a cap and a red-jacketed, Terry Bogard, in a crowd of spectators. He was curious about the person he met at the airport a while ago.

Finally Kyo and Goro broke the fight. Ryo however warns Billy and Geese's men not to disturb his dojo.

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