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Want to know about anime? Watch an anime's recommendation for newbies on this list!

If your other friends are always talking about anime, and you alone do not know, it's time for you to update !

But be cool, if you feel still a "beginner" to watch anime, will give you some anime's recommendation title for beginners.

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From this list, you can find anime that is relatively easier to follow, entertain, and not have too many episodes in every season . For example, unlike One Piece or Naruto which has hundreds of episodes, even nearly 1000!

Keep in mind also, some of the anime recommendations for beginners below are also chosen with the consideration that you are able to follow the story path with the development of characters and conflicts deepening.

So if you're looking for a light anime like the Daily Lives of Highschool Boys or Nichijou, it's unfortunately not on this list. Let's just take a look at the anime's recommendations for the following beginners!


One Punch Man

Do you like the story of a superhero relatable with your everyday life? One Punch Man is one of the must-watch anime recommendations for beginners!

In fact, you do not need to watch the 5 anime below, only One Punch Man alone is enough to get used to the story, action, comedy, to elements opening and ending of the anime itself.

One Punch Man tells of an office worker who left at 9 am, came home 5 pm, named Saitama. One day he thought his life was so-so, that he wanted a "tension" inside him.

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<p> Then, he also passes a park that turns his way home, and finds a monster hunting a small child. Still lacking in power, Saitama was helping the boy out, and he felt addicted to the <em> adrenaline rush </em> that he got from the incident! </p>
<p> He then practiced, until several years passed, Saitama became the strongest man in the world! So powerful, he can finish anything with just one hit, and instead make him feel "bored". </p>
<p> From there, his adventures of finding a balanced opponent for him began! </p>
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Boku no Hero Academia

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<p> Still with the superhero genre, Bokuno Hero Academia is an anime recommendation for beginners who are filled with action, stories of friendship, and concept <em> from zero to hero </em> like Naruto. </p>
<p> But unlike Naruto, the storyline that exists in Boku no Hero Academia is lighter, so it is easy to follow, and also does not have a plot that is so branched and deep. </p>
<p> However, Boku no Hero Academia still offers an exciting anime story for you to follow! Especially if you like the concept <em> from zero to hero </em>superhero, and futuristic things. </p>
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Boku no Hero Academia himself tells of someone who used to be called Deku, to be the strongest superhero in the world! In fact, he was born without power, aka quirkless . Yet in those days, almost everyone had quirk and had the opportunity to become a superhero through a special academy.

Interestingly, a powerless Duke can get into the academy! Lho how come? Curious is not it? Just watched Boku no Hero Academia, who also became runner-up Duniaku Reader Awards 2017 for the anime category.


Digimon Series

Digimon (not to be mistaken with Pokemon) that you often see in toy stores or as characters in clothing, had become very popular about 15 years ago!

Section, around the 2000s, the first series of Digimon, Digimon Adventures that aired on national television. Digimon became boom and is known as one of the anime that accompany the 90s grew up.

From there, the Digimon series continues to be produced by Toei Animation into sequels such as Digimon Adventure 02, Digimon Tamers, to date still running is Digimon Adventure tri.

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<p> This Digimon series is one of the title of anime recommendations for beginners that can be your choice. If you like the concept of battle between monsters and friendship, then you will love Digimon. </p>
<p> The plot is very easy to follow and <em> straight to the point </em> is also a plus for those who are just watching anime. </p>
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I myself recommend to watch first Digimon Adventure, Digimon Adventure 02, and Digimon Tamers before watching Digimon Adventure tri.

Likes the sports genre and crime drama? Check 3 title of anime recommendations for beginners on next page!

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