Was Duel Tsubasa VS Wakabayashi Presented?

Anime Captain Tsubasa 2018 is currently busy being discussed by Indonesian Internet users, especially for those 90s who grew up together with the anime Captain Tsubasa jadul year 1983.

Uniquely, in this 2018 version, a lot of similarities with the 1983 version. Since there is no preview next episode after the end of the anime version 2018 series, what if we make a prediction Captain Tsubasa 2018 episode 2? Are there some interesting incidents the same as in the 1983 version? Let's discuss the prediction Captain Tsubasa 2018 episode 2.

In Captain Tsubasa 2018 episode 1, we do not see a meeting between Tsubasa along with other Nankatsu members other than Ishizaki. Meanwhile, in the 1983 version, Tsubasa has already met some Nankatsu members, including Sanae.

Likely in episode 2, Sanae will meet with Tsubasa. The future future husband is likely to meet before the duel between Tsubasa and Wakabayashi (if the duel goes in episode 2 in version 2018).




Tsubasa Alone Against 11 Players



Tsubasa challenged Wakabayashi using the ball he kicked from the top of the hill to Wakabayashi's house. This challenge is somewhat different, because Tsubasa has no sepka ball team, and no excitement if only a penalty kick, then there is a battle between Tsubasa alone against 11 players Shutetsu.

Amazingly, Tsubasa alone can get past 10 Shutetsu players with no trouble at all. Here shows the different talents of these people, but unlike Wakabayashi.

Of course here many people are surprised, ranging from Shutetsu players, Nankatsu players, even Roberto and also Wakabayashi itself. No one would have thought that Tsubasa the shorter son had such a great ability.



Duel Tsubasa VS Wakabayashi



Though Tsubasa is capable of passing 10 players of Shutetsu, it is different from the nation's famous goalkeeper Wakabayashi.

There was a duel between Tsubasa and Wakabayashi. Tsubasa tried various ways to break into Wakabayashi's goal, but it did not work, because Wakabayashi was sprightly in capturing and parrying every ball that came to him.

However, Tsubasa scored one goal against Wakabayashi, allowing an impenetrable record from Wakabayashi at the local level to be solved.

Well after conceding, it turns out Tsubasa and Wakabayashi are fighting bloody! Consider the prediction Captain Tsubasa 2018 episode 2 on the front page!

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