Want to Hold Luffy, Is Charlotte Oven Making a Fatal Mistake?

The discussion below still contains spoilers for the unread One Piece 894. So if you're still looking for chapters and anti-leaks, you're actually getting into the wrong article.

If you are already read or very curious, please continue to read the review below.


Charlotte Oven's tactics for handling Luffy are simple enough but brilliant. All the mirrors on Cocoa Island, which had been a meeting place, had been destroyed. The oven is ready to welcome if the one out of the mirror is Luffy instead of Katakuri.

To further ensure Luffy does not escape, reinforcements have also gathered on Cocoa Island. In addition to Charlotte OVen, there is Charlotte Brownie, who goes to bed as soon as they hear they only have to deal with ten people. There are Charlotte Raisin, Charlotte Joconde, Charlotte Euwin, and many others.


The thing is, this time Big Mom's pirate group is really on the edge. If Big Mom is successfully killed by Bege and Katakuri is defeated by Luffy, suddenly this family could be an easy target for the opportunistic Blackbeard, Kaido who is ready to wage a world war, or even Edward Weevil.

The Charlotte family gathering on Cocoa Island has the potential to make the Charlotte family too devastated to protect their territory after this. But not surprisingly Charlotte Oven did not expect that it was not just the Straw Hats that he faced. Straw hat just do not know.

Yep, the Germa 66 family is still on its way.

The Vinsmoke family can be conquered simply because they were all beaten by Big Mom, Katakuri, and Smoothie. This time they were secretly on their way to Cocoa Island, and ready to take off all the clone that Big Mom wanted!

Total Big Mom Family Crash?

 charlotte oven "width =" 600 "height =" 261 "/> </p>
<p> The author has calculated that after this will be many parties who can target the fall of Big Mom. From the current situation it seems that this family will indeed really fall out because they did not let Luffy go alone with Sanji. </p>
<p> Imagine this: </p>
<p> Big Mom between dying because of Sanji's cake or because Bege's efforts finally succeeded. </p>
<p> Katakuri, the strongest and most dependable son of Big Mom, overthrown Luffy. </p>
<p> Then Thousand Sunny brings Smoothie to Cocoa Island, where Germa 66 then comes waging war. </p>
<p> If this is how, almost all of Big Mom's sons and daughters will be battered once the plot is over, paving the way for those who want to take over Whole Cake Island. </p>
<p> The good news for our heroes? In this way, Fishman Island does not have to worry about once Big Mom's troops will question why they burst Tamatebako. Straw Hats also need not worry about being hunted by the Big Mom family to Wano. Almost all of their combat troops will be battered once the battle at Cocoa Island is over. </p>
<p> The good side for readers: it seems the battle on Cocoa Island is really going to be epic. It may even be that the battle will continue even if Katakuri has lost. </p>
<p> How do you respond to a festival that could end badly for this Charlotte family? Convey in the comment field! </p>
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