Want to Heal? This is the List of the 5 Greatest Healers in the Anime World!

 The greatest healers of this greatest healer have no medical education background, but with their miraculous powers they succeed in becoming "magic doctors" who can recover all sorts of damage which their friends are in. Who are they? </h4>
<p style= Healers usually have an important role in a group. Without his support, it is impossible for a team to survive the onslaught of an enemy that could have killed them all. Some of them are able to heal medically.

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But some can heal by "flipping" the flow of time. There are also those who rely on unique technology that is able to improve the biological structure of its target.

Want to know who is the greatest healer character? Check out the discussion!


Wendy Marvell


Wendy is the only female Dragon Slayer and also the youngest of all the remaining Dragon Slayers on earth. He is the adopted son of Grandeeney, one of the strongest dragons that controls the air element.

Dragon Slayer's magic is different from other destructive magic. Not only attacking, Sky Dragon Slayer's magic is also used as a support technique of his comrades while engaging in large-scale combat.

In addition, his magic is capable of healing various injuries, illnesses and offering toxins that enter his partner's body. He can also cure the motion sickness of a vehicle that is usually a congenital Dragon Slayer since birth.

Not surprisingly, Wendy became an important asset for the Fairy Tail guild and was cherished by its members.


Asian Argento


The ex-nun who was reborn as a demon has a Sacred Gear-shaped artifact called Twilling Healing. With the power of his Sacred Gear, he is not only able to heal humans, but also other beings like demons.

At the beginning of his debut, he can only heal a target that can be touched by him. But along with his experience, he was finally able to achieve an effective remote healing method by turning his power into an arrow. In addition, he can also heal several people simultaneously.

The healing effects of Asian healing power can not be underestimated. He can recover the usual injury to connect cut limbs such as Kiba's hand that Siegfried cut on light novel volume 12.

It's just that, Asia has some disadvantages. He can not restore the stamina of his friends. Moreover, Asian power not only affects peers, but also its enemies.

Despite his profession as a doctor, this one healer is feared by many parties. Why? Click next page!

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