Wait, How's the Fate of Zeus After One Piece 901?

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Discussion of the fate of Zeus One Piece this could be spoiler for which only follows the anime version. If you are anti-leak, it is not recommended to read further.

But if you are already following the manga and also curious, or do not mind spoiler please continue reading the review below.


Rereading this panel in One Piece 901 evokes interesting questions.

Homies who accompany Big Mom are just Prometheus only! Then what happened to Zeus?


Since no other disclosure yet, the answer is simple. Zeus is still in Nami's hand.

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<p> Yep, Zeus <em> One Piece </em> has been kidnapped Nami since chapter 890. Since then <em> homies </em> this cloud has not yet been restored. </p>
<p> This is of course interesting, because last seen Wadatsumi managed to bring Sunny out of the siege of Big Mom's pirate fleet. Jinbe, Aladine, and the Sun pirate crew then continued to close the way for Smoothie and others by causing the turmoil of the ocean currents. </p>
<p> If Sunny continues to bring Zeus escape, the effect can be very interesting. </p>
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The problem is, as long as the Whole Cake Island strand of the successful Straw Hats gives a double blow to Big Mom it is not Luffy and Sanji but Nami with the help of Zeus. Nami's knowledge of the weather combined with the power of Zeus makes this combination so powerful.

For now, Jinbe, who is supposed to be a strong ally against the Beast pirates, seems to be on hold at Whole Cake Island. Could it be that in his stead we will have Zeus reinforced Nami?

So, will Zeus be successfully kidnapped Nami to leave Whole Cake Island? The author feels there are still two or two chapters until Whole Cake Island is officially completed. The determination is arguably 902. If Jinbe and Aladine successfully hold Big Mom, even if they have to sacrifice their lives, then Zeus was officially taken forcibly by Nami.

Sure, there's also the possibility of Zeus actually already secretly running away when the Thousand Sunny is facing a siege. Let's look at the answer later.

How do you think? Is it true Zeus One Piece will be a weapon by Nami to fight Kaido? Convey in the comment field!

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