Waduh, Manga About Yakuza So Girl Idol "Back Street Girls" To Be Made Animenya


Manga about the yakuza turned into girl idol named Back Street Girls will soon be adapted into anime. Ready to feel the absurdity and from this comedy anime?

Speaking of idol it seems that the word is a sacred word for his fans. The appeal of an idol that makes the men (most of them singles) fall in love is their funny, cute, innocent, innocent and innocent character and image. But how did idol whom you puja was actually a boy? It is the main story in the manga Back Street Girls .

Back Street Girls seemed to know the trend of lovers idol and the animos that developed lately such as trap and genre-bender . This weird-but-real comedy manga was written by Jasmine Gyuh and has been serialized on Young Magazine starting from March 9, 2015.

Manga Back Street Girls alone is pretty crazy and weird to read let alone imagine. More crazy again this manga will be adapted into an anime series. The announcement of this adaptation appears in the ninth volume of this series which appeared on December 6, 2017.

There is no certainty about the date and month of release of this hilarious series and absurd .

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Ah, for the uninitiated synopsis of this manga. Here's the synopsis:

A group containing 3 yakuza (Japanese mafia) failed to fulfill the duties of the boss. After destroying an important job from his boss, the boss offers two options to atone for their sins: committing suicide respectfully or going to Thailand to carry out a sex change operation to become a female idol

After being tortured with practice to become a true idol they successfully carried out their debut as idol unexpectedly by them. They had to struggle with their new identity as a girl, and an idol as well as fighting with their souls who kept the spirit yakuza .

There's a really funny thing about this manga. When reading his synopsis, various hilarious references have emerged, like Thailand being a country where many ladyboy- a term about a man who changed his gender to a woman and successfully deceived the ordinary people upon seeing him

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<p style= The series also seems to laugh at the behavior of lovers idol often called wota as well as the culture idol with all its stereotypes that seem strange to the layman.

Can not wait for this idol cute struggle which will surely defeat the anime idol which has been popular before?

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