Vegeta's Unable Sister Will Be Super Saiyan!


Did you know that Vegeta has a sister? Do you know that this sister also includes canon characters? Here are 6 facts about Tarble, Vegeta's younger brother who can not turn into Super Saiyan!

It has become a tradition for Dragon Ball to introduce characters that still have a blood relation with the main character. Yes, in this cross-generation anime, many characters have family connections to each other-Vegeta is no exception. Interestingly, many fans do not know that Vegeta has a younger brother named Tarble, you know!

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Tarble only appeared and first appeared on the OVA titled Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return !! But its unique, this one character turns out the character canon you know! So who is this Tarble really? Here are 6 facts about Tarble!


Origin of His Name

Just like other Saiya humans, this one Vegeta's sister has a name derived from or a play on vegetables. If the name Vegeta comes from Vegeta ble, then Tarble comes from Vege table .

These brothers and sisters are complementary to each other, huh? Even so …


Its nature is inversely proportional to Vegeta

Tarble has a trait that is inversely proportional to Vegeta. If Vegeta is known for being arrogant, stubborn, and harsh, then Tarble is a humble and polite figure. In the story, the nature of the peace-loving Tarble, not aggressive, and dislike this fight makes it different from other Saiya humans.

Because of this also the father, King Vegeta, sent him to a remote planet in space called Tech-Tech.

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