Vegeta Will Surpass God of Destruction at Dragon Ball Super 126 ?! How to do?


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<h4> Title <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> 126 states that Vegeta will surpass the God of Destruction! But … will this effort be fatal to Vegeta? </h4>
<p> <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> 125 goes on exciting. However from the title and <em> preview, </em> seems <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> 126 will be more exciting and horrendous again. Unmitigated, it seems that Vegeta will surpass the God of Destruction! </p>
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Obviously, Vegeta's help is needed. Preview shows that Toppo successfully beat Android 17.

After that, 17 is no longer visible. So there is a big possibility that android that one it will indeed be eliminated later. Therefore Vegeta, who had been against Jiren, had to turn against the God of Toppo Destruction.

This preview also shows that even the Vegeta Limit Breaker is still beaten by Toppo. Fortunately, there is hope for Universe 7. The title of this upcoming episode is, "Surpass Even a God! Vegeta's Desperate Blow! "

Just now Vegeta has crossed the line of Super Saiyan Blue. Seeing from the title, as well as Goku's warning, it seems that Vegeta will surpass the God of Destruction by spurring his energy to the point of exceeding the limit.

Vegeta's life is bound to be threatened, but this is absolutely necessary. You see, when 17 is eliminated, then Vegeta, Goku, and maybe Frieza must face Jiren – an individual who transcends the God of Destruction – and the God of Destruction. The Universe 7 that was powered from the beginning of the Tournament of Power could be destroyed then.

Then what will happen?

The author predicts that Vegeta will surpass the God of Destruction for just one attack. This attack will be strong enough to push Toppo out of the arena and get rid of the tough fighter.

Toppo itself seems to give an opportunity for Universe 7 to get rid of it more easily. The destructive energy he devoted to beat up the Golden Frieza made the tournament a ruin. Toppo further destroys it as he tries to strike 17.

Perhaps on a regular occasion Vegeta's final attack will only make Toppo hurt, but not enough to get rid of him. However, due to his own actions, Vegeta's attack will force Toppo to get out of the ring. You see … there's not much footing that Toppo can use to save himself.

In fact, considering 17 trying to analyze Toppo, if he really gets knocked out then maybe make sure first that Toppo does not have much space.

What about Vegeta? The author calculates that the ultimate attack is so desperate that Vegeta will be eliminated as well. In the end, all that's left to fight Jiren is just Goku. There is a small possibility that Frieza is still there ahead of the final battle.

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