Vegeta Using Kicking Suicide?!

As always, the discussion Dragon Ball Super 126 contains spoiler . For those who have not watched and are actually still looking for their own episodes, you're mistaking the article.

But if you are already watching and want to remember certain details of the episode, or do not mind the leaks, please read the reviews below!


1. Frieza and Android 17 Foolish Efforts Against God Toppo Destruction

In the beginning Dragon Ball Super this 126, 17 continued his struggle against Toppo. Android with unlimited stamina is already exerting all its capabilities, including the ingenuity that many times save it in the tournament.


Not only that, Frieza who was rescued 17 came back up to try to handle Toppo. One of Frieza's attacks even successfully paralyzed Toppo's movement and forced the God of Destruction to remain silent.

Unfortunately, it's all pointless. The attacks of Frieza and 17 failed to penetrate the energy of the destruction emitted by Toppo. Will Universe 7 be destroyed by combo Jiren and Toppo? Apparently not, because Goku and Vegeta gave an interesting surprise!

2. Goku and Vegeta Success Make Jiren Overwhelmed

One of the mysteries of preview previous episodes was: why did Vegeta fight Toppo alone? Where are 17 and Frieza? Are they marginalized?

First of all, 17 and Frieza struck a straying attack from Jiren. It cripples them during the majority duration Dragon Ball Super 126, but not enough to eliminate both.

Well, before the combination of Goku and Vegeta's attacks have been increasingly urged by Jiren, until the strongest creature at Universe 11 lost his composure and launched a new attack.

Jiren seems to have sensed Goku and Vegeta as a threat, until finally he and Toppo quietly launch a tactic to split the coordination of both. Jiren goes against Goku, while Toppo serves Vegeta.

This is clearly an achievement in itself. But is Vegeta in the form that surpasses Super Saiyan Blue is able to hurt Toppo, who previously was able to overcome the attacks of Frieza and 17?

Unexpectedly, Vegeta did well. Apparently Limit Breaker Vegeta is indeed as strong as that.

Scouter Dragon Ball

Fans of Dragon Ball should obviously have a replica of this scouter!

How exactly is Vegeta able to beat Toppo? Consider the advanced discussion Dragon Ball Super 126 on the second page!

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