Vegeta Battered in Preview Dragon Ball Super 128! Will He Sacrifice Himself?

Previously, Universe 7 was always able to get rid of the universe that tried to search the case with them.

When Toppo was knocked out, the remaining 7th Universe 7 fighters were still four: 17, Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza. If they want, they can stay time to remember the duration of the tournament itself is only left less than 10 minutes.

Unfortunately, as the final enemy of the major universe Dragon Ball this should instead fight Jiren with maximum strength. The fight against Jiren has already caused Universe 7 to lose a fighter in episode 127. Now, Dragon Ball Super preview 128 shows Vegeta's battered turn against Jiren!

The official synopsis for episode 128 is,

Thanks to the help and sacrifice of 17, Goku and Vegeta manage to escape from Jiren's attack. However, Goku has used all his strength and collapsed. Vegeta decided to face Jiren alone.


Episode 127 also shows that another remaining 7th Universe 7 fighters, Frieza, still lay. In addition, even if Frieza can move even less likely the tyrant can do anything. The Golden Frieza had just been humiliated by Jiren. It's really just Vegeta's expectations of Universe 7 to gain time until Goku can bounce back.

The question is: will Vegeta sacrifice himself as well?

After the sacrifice of 17 in 127, the fan Dragon Ball was clearly anxious. Suddenly, the threat of a dead character becomes real, having previously the only cause of a character being destroyed by the will of Zen-Oh. What makes the fan even more disturbing is the appearance of Bulma's face in preview .

In addition, Vegeta's strongest stance (which he just used to get rid of Toppo) also once killed him once in Buu Saga. So there is the possibility that Vegeta and his self-proud Saiyan will do anything to keep his wife and son alive.


But will the battered Vegeta sacrifice himself to at least hold Jiren? According to the authors do not.

Vegeta will fight seriously on episode 128. That's for sure. In addition to having Bulma on Earth, Vegeta also still have to keep his promise with Cabba. He can nitip that promise filled with Goku, but he certainly would not like it if forced to do that.

Nevertheless, the author feels that in the end Jiren will be able to eliminate Vegeta without killing him. Then in the upcoming episode, Goku who has seen the sacrifice of 17 and the elimination of Vegeta will raise up the fully controlled Ultra Instinct.

What is clear: get ready to get surprise content. Preview and synopsis episode 127 show absolutely no sign of the unfolding of Jiren's past as well as 17 being knocked out for self-sacrifice. The author feels, to fill the time, 128 will have a surprise content that excited. Especially since it was supposed to stay four episodes until Super ended.

What do you think? Will Vegeta also wipe out to give Goku time to recover? Or will he be eliminated without losing his life? What about Frieza? Share your thoughts in the comments field!

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