Using Filler to Draw Stories

Confusion while trying to extend the serial story is a common problem for every writer. And often the effort worsens the course of the story, or does not even meet the set targets.

A workable solution is to fill the empty slot with the filler episode. In the anime world, filler is a solution often used by creators when asked producers to stall the story. Although often making the flow of filler episode fully held by the animation production without involving related mangaka.

However, the filler does not only serve as an additional episode without meaning. Although its existence is not as important as the main plot, but the filler still needs to be taken seriously so as not less interesting with the main plot. Well, there are some special ways to make this filler episode interesting.

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Knowing the Filler Closer



 filler, naruto, storywriting, one piece, detective conan One of the famous fillers in the Naruto series Source: Youtube </p>
<p> According to the website, filler can be interpreted as a filler episode; additional episodes that do not follow the flow; stories that often appear on uncertain moments. If it refers to this definition, we can draw the conclusion that the filler is a side episode. It may be important, or it may not. Depending on the author. </p>
<p> If you ever follow Naruto comics, you will know what kind of filler story looks like. Usually, this kind of story does not relate directly to the main plot, such as Madara's or Itachi's past stories. </p>
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Filler itself can be triggered for two things:

  1. Because the author of the story runs out of ideas.
  2. Due to a special request from the editor or producer.

The first trigger usually occurs on creators who have specific targets, but are not inspired to continue the story. While the second trigger usually occurs in the industrial world, when the editor or producer gets a request from fans to extend the story. Whichever is the trigger, the filler has the same goal, namely filling the void .

Whereas, if judging from a technical point of view, the filler may consist of two types.

  1. First, a filler used to describe plot hole or the unique facts about a story. This type of filler is usually told in the form of flashback (back to the past) or flashforward (tells of future events) that still have to do with main
  2. Second a filler used to tell light things that can degrade pace story. In this filler, it is usually less important to follow, but can be easter egg that appeals to an audience. Examples are fillers about favorite foods of characters or small hobbies of characters never seen on the main plot.

How? Quite easy to understand, is not it?

How easy does it make filler? Check out the next page, yuk!

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