Useful Spectacle! It's 6 Anime The Seamlessness with Healthy Moral Messages!

Lebaran is near, do not let its fast canceled because of watching dangerous anime!

Rather than searching for unhealthy things with intriguing spectacles, it helps us to enjoy titles that are safe to watch even before breaking the fast and lasting until Lebaran!

With so much cool anime titles you can watch, it's definitely better to find a useful and heart-healthy spectacle, right? Curious what kind of anime title can be considered to have more of this benefit? Check out the list below!

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<p> Mitsuboshi Colors revolves around three wretched market children who bring peace to the neighborhood of their city, and of course play together! </p>
<p> The lives of Yui, Sacchan and Kotoha are colored daily by working on Saitou, helping their neighbors and making silly plans at secret headquarters! But of course the positive message carried by this anime will leave a big smile on your face, where the thrill of life can be found anywhere! </p>
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Obviously, this unusually popular series is no less exciting than Boruto so it is guaranteed that you will also get treats of cool and moving heroic acts!

Do not move the channel first! There are still four more anime recommendations on the next page!

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