U's and Aqours from Love Live Finally Interacted in Her New Game Promotion Video!


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<h4> Eventually these two Idol Schools of this generation vary interacting with each other! </h4>
<p> <em> Love Live! School Idol Project </em> next year will release their latest game, which is <em> School Idol Festival: All Stars </em>. In this game, the two generations of Love Live, μ's and Aqours will surely be present. </p>
<p> For fans, this is probably the most eagerly awaited moment. Eventually the two Idol School groups were interacting with each other in the latest promotional video of <em> School Idol Festival: All Stars </em>! </p>
<p> Promotional videos can be seen below: </p>
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In the video, they call each other's name, and do it interchangeably, from Aqours to μ's. Starting from Chika Takami, leader from Aqours who commented on this game and its readiness.

Afterwards, he summoned Honoka Kousaka, leader from μ's, and after Honoka finished his words, he again passed it to Aqours member, Riko Sakurauchi. So keep one by one according to the sequence of members of each group.

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Of course, every character is voiced by the original voice, such as Anju Inami for Chika Takami, Nitta Emi for Honoka Kousaka, Aida Rikako for Riko Sakurauchi, Yoshino Nanjo for Eli Ayase, and other members.

Let us recall the crucial moment at the Tokyo Game Show 2017. There, Anju Inami who did become the MC for the stage School Idol Festival the arrival of a secret guest, which turned out to be Nitta Emi, seiyuu from Honoka Kousaka in his first series. From this moment on, the voices of these two groups began to relate in the real world.

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<p> This two-generation collaboration seemed to be an opening from the beginning of μ's and Aqours meetings. Evident when video game promotion <em> School Idol Festival: All Stars </em> that we just saw. There, every member of the two groups interacted. </p>
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Could the members of μ's be present in the anime Love Live! Sunshine !! the second season that will start airing on October 7 next? Whatever it is, let's look forward to the impression of a well-filled second season with cameo from the first generation of Love Live!


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