Urouge's Achievement Attacking Big Mom's Area It's More Than Expected!

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Urouge the Crazy Priest was first introduced in Sabaody. He then show off in the fight against Pacifista. In that conflict, Urouge showed his ability to change the pain he suffered into a force. His body became bigger, and he could beat back the Pacifista.

Unfortunately, Urouge was then shot laser by Pacifista as he was off guard.

As Urouge attacks the Big Mom area, he also seems to be losing again. He had to run away from Whole Cake Island without facing Charlotte Linlin, the captain. He even had to leave before facing the strongest Sweet Commander, Charlotte Katakuri.

Even so, seeing Luffy's struggle at Whole Cake Island, Urouge's feat of attacking the Big Mom area is actually not to be underestimated. Let's discuss!

Oh, but earlier: the discussion below may contain spoiler for which only follows the anime version One Piece . So be careful.




Beat Charlotte Snack



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Bounty Charlotte Snack is 600 million Belly. On top of Luffy, but under three other Sweet Commander. So indeed, the Urouge defeated is the weakest Sweet Commander.

But as weak as a Sweet Commander, he still has time to trust Big Mom to be a leader. When Vinsmoke Judge had to deal with Charlotte Snack in [9004528] One Piece 900, the leader of Germa looked surprised.

It is worth remembering that Vinsmoke Judge, assisted by technology and his men, is able to trouble Sanji when they duel. The power of Judge may be just a little under Sanji. (If Sanji and Judge are fair duel, Sanji feels like winning though it has to be hard). But the emergence of Snack on the Germa carrier capable of making Judge look stunned. No wonder, since before that it was shown some of the carriers of Germa exploded.

So yep, this one Urouge feat seems to have been too underrated by the fans.

Urouge probably did not do it too easily. But he and his unique ability to turn pain into power seem to be able to answer Snack's strength. Mainly because as strong as any Snack, he feels like a human being, not a Pacifista made of metal.

Continued matter of Urouge achievement attacking Big Mom area can you check on second page!

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