Until 2018, This 6 Best One Piece Story Flow!

The last time the author delivered the best storyline list One Piece was 2015.

It is now May 2018. Whole Cake Island's groove is over, and now One Piece begins to move into the Reverie groove.

To date, which are the best storylines One Piece ? Here's the list!

Once re-read, Skypiea is actually one of the best storyline One Piece .

The problem of this plot is the impression that in the end the story feels light, because there is no significant loss of soul from the protagonist. It was from this groove that OPLovers began to suspect that there would be no dead characters in the storyline One Piece except in flashbacks.

Still, Skypiea presents fascinating enemies. (Enel, especially). Some parts of this story, especially when Enel finally meets the only person he can not hurt – Luffy – feels really exciting.

The negative side of the dressrosa storyline is this story like the repetition of Alabasta from another angle. Beginning with the royal princess who worked with the enemy (Vivi di Alabasta, Viola di Dressrosa), against the Shichibukai who had a good image but a dangerous tyrant (Crocodile in Alabasta, Doflamingo in Dressrosa). Luffy also met with his foster brother. (Ace in Alabasta, Sabo in Dressrosa).

The difference, if in Alabasta the Straw Hats try to prevent a coup, the legitimate king Dressrosa has long been eliminated and now Luffy must overthrow the tyrant.

Dressrosa also feels a bit sluggish plot in some parts. According to One Piece Wiki, the total story of Dressrosa reached 102 chapters. Whole Cake Island, which is also old, only 78 chapters.

However, this chapter is still remembered for the first appearance of Gear 4, the formation of the Great Straw Hats, the final battle of Doflamingo versus the exciting Luffy, and moments like Senor Pink's duel against Franky and Zoro split Pica.

The best storyline One Piece ranked four and three can you check on the second page!

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