Unique, Singer Kiyoshi Hikawa Shown in Dragon Ball Super Episode 115!


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<h4> It rarely happens like this. Kiyoshi Hikawa, singer <em> opening </em> <em> Dragon Ball Super </em>briefly appeared at the opening of episode 115! </h4>
<p> Are you among those confused with the appearance of a strange figure named Kiyoshi Hikawa in episode 115 <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> </p>
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Some fans may have known instantly who he was since he mentioned his name. Some may only find out after searching for him in search engines.

For the uninitiated also, Kiyoshi Hikawa is a Japanese singer. This vocalist always welcomes you to the excitement of Dragon Ball Super through the song "Genkai Toppa X Survivor."

Yep, he is the singer of the 19459006 cool that has accompanied fans Dragon Ball Super since last February.

It has been announced before that Hikawa will perform in episode 115. As you can see in this week's show, Hikawa built hype by presenting excerpts of interesting events.

This Hikawa portion is also given in the right position: just before "Genkai Toppa X Survivor" reverberates. So the transition between the end of the Hikawa narrative which continues to the 19459006 opening really feels right.

But it may be that Hikawa knows it would be confused if only cameo in episode 115 did not introduce himself. With a Goku-style costume and a face drawn like a Dragon Ball figure, the Hikawa figure that appears in the animation is quite different from his real self. Hikawa version Dragon Ball is even seen to have a fighting body, which is burly.

Considering this is the first time Hikawa sang a song for anime, it's also unique he gets preferential treatment like this from animation staff Dragon Ball Super .

Obviously, cameo a singer is also nothing new in the anime. Maybe some of you remember that TWO-MIX (anime hits singer like "Just Communication") was ever animated and even got the spotlight as a crime victim in Detective Conan

But for TWO-MIX, Minami Takayama's own vocalist is seiyuu from Conan. So cameo this can actually happen anytime, unlike the case of Hikawa.

So, is there any singer that you hope will get chance as given Kiyoshi Hikawa in Dragon Ball Super ? Just say in the comment field!


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