Unexpected Help Comes to the Straw Hats!

As always, the discussion One Piece 899 clearly contains spoiler . So if you're actually still looking for the chapter, or even just watching anime, it's advisable to think twice before continuing reading.

But if you are already read and want to remember certain details or do not mind leaking anyway please continue reading the review below.




One More Member Hajrudin: Goldberg



In One Piece 899 we are introduced to yet another member of the New Giant Fighters pirate group: Goldberg. This one giant plays as a chef, although if he sees a statue he still keeps intimidating to face.

Interestingly, the name Goldberg has actually been mentioned in One Piece 866, though certain scanlation misrepresented his name to Gold and Balg. So it seems true that Hajrudin's crew consisted mostly of little boys when Charlotte Linlin the Big Mom at Elbaf.



Moment of Determination of the Destiny of Whole Cake Island



Eventually, Charlotte Linlin found the cake she was looking for. Nostra Castello and the Bege group had a lot of time. Now, whatever happens, Big Mom is too far away to catch the Straw Hat pirates.


Interestingly: absolutely no one can stop Big Mom from eating Sanji cake. Perospero still sticks to Big Mom and Prometheus, but now he's left behind. (Especially since Perospero's wound must be handled). Even though Puff Island is already within reach, he will not be in time to try to overtake his mother.

Perospero then conveys three possibilities: between Big Mom dead so that Big Mom's pirate crew is crushed, the cake is not good until Big Mom will go on destroying his own country, and a magical possibility where the cake is delicious, Big Mom is satisfied, and his tantrums are stalled .

Author sih long ago if there is a possibility of delicacy Sanji cake can kill Big Mom. But seeing before this Katakuri asks if Luffy will return to Whole Cake Island to defeat his mother, chances are Katakuri has seen his mother will not die this time.

So the most probable possibility is the third one.

Continued discussion One Piece 899 can you check on the second page!

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