Uma Musume, in Idol 2D Kala Being a Racing Horse!


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You can collect figures from Dragon Ball era to Dragon Ball Super in Dokkan Battle! Form the strongest team to help Trunks solve the mystery on the main plot of the story of this game!

Ah, Japan and the world of animation that all "can aja" always make the Japanese anime lovers amazed at the same time wondering "how can ya like this". After successful "moe" the fication of various kinds of objects such as ships and hard-sell (yes, I mean Kantai Collection ). This time they have "moe" to indicate racehorse to be a collection idol group named Uma Musume .

And this series will be made into a mobile game and anime of course.

Uma Musume itself is the latest idea of ​​the company the famous mobile game Cygames who successfully seized the hearts and money of game players through Granblue Fantasy . Rencanaya Cygames itself will make this game in iOS and Android platform but there is no clarity about the release date of this game for the Japanese market and for world markets.

Approximately this explanation of what it is Uma Musume :

Uma Musume is an idol game featuring famous Japanese horse racing. Currently there are 7 mini albums released each and featuring 3 of 59 horse girls, comics about the first days on the track racing, and radio broadcasts that airs every Friday with new information about the characters and games!

The concept of this game begins with Uma Musume (Girls Horse), girls who have excellent running ability, and who aim to become the top idol and compete in the national sports entertainment event "Twinkle Series." Players take the role of both teachers and coach for the girls at Nihon Uma Musume Gakuen Training Center (Japanese Girls Training Center Academy) and help them make their debut.


According to the website Uma Musume an anime adaptation is being planned. The studio in charge is TOHO Animation and P.A.WORKS under the name Uma Musume Pretty Derby.

This anime will get a one hour special broadcast on Sunday, April 1, 2018 or Monday, April 2nd, 2018 in the morning.

Kei Okawa ( Kono Bijustsu-bu niwa Mondai ga Aru !, Outbreak Company, Oregairu ) will become this anime director. Yousuke Kabashima ( D.Gray-man Hallow, Madan no Ou to Vanadis ) will be a character designer. Akihiro Ishihara of Cygames will write and oversee the manuscript.

Is it in existence Uma Musume this will help you to have new fetish ie fetish horse racing? Ah, let alone time to answer.

Edited by Fachrul Razi

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