Ultimate Duel Gohan vs Golden Frieza


Frieza turned out to actually betray Universe 7? Dragon Ball Super 108 shows the Golden Frieza duel against Ultimate Gohan!

Of course the discussion Dragon Ball Super 108 contains spoiler . So watch out for those who have not watched the episode.

For those already watching and wanting to make sure not to miss the exciting scene, including the latest Tournament of Power elimination statistics, you can move on. Similarly if you do not mind the spoiler .



Brianne versus Goku Long fight

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Duel Brianne's opponent Goku still also takes place in Dragon Ball Super 108. Brianne is able to surprise Goku with confusing attacks. This beautiful girl with this transformation form is also able to withstand attacks from Goku that are not transformed.

I think that's the main reason why Brianne can keep up with Goku for so long. Brianne is fighting in the form of Ribriane, which is a transformation. Meanwhile Goku still saves power and fights in his usual performance.

Goku should at least try Super Saiyan 1 to be able to break this impasse.


The greatness of Jimizu

Speaking of the Universe 2, Jimizu of the universe is given the opportunity to show off his power all-out. Unmitigated, he could defeat Gohan. Though Gohan is one of the four main stewards of Universe 7.

Jimizu can do this thanks to the Instant Transmission capability. This skill may be more identical with Goku, but Goku himself learned it from the Yardrats. As a Yardrat, Jimizu could use it much more. Combined with the attacks Ki, The unchanged Gohan was overwhelmed.


Frieza Nge-Troll Gohan and Jimizu

Actually Dragon Ball Super 108 this can be called also: Frieza Maximum Overtroll . He first appeared to interrupt Jimizu and Gohan's duel. But all he did was silence and put on a pose, then stepped aside and allowed Gohan to be further beaten.

But when Jimizu tries to clean up Gohan, Frieza goes on to interrupt the duel. Frieza then proved her fighting instinct and her strength made sure Jimizu could not do much. Frieza can anticipate the arrival of Jimizu and beat up the Yardrat all out.

Frieza's basic form is interesting because readers Dragon Ball may recall that this should be the third possession of this vile creature. Only now he can permanently survive in that appearance. So in a form without transformation, Frieza probably surpassed all the Universe 7 fighters. He proved it here.

Oh, and the action troll Frieza does not end there.

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<p> As presented in the preview, Frieza then teamed up with Frost. They did not really fight <em> tag team </em>but Frieza then went on to beat Gohan under Frost's supervision. </p>
<p> Very entertaining actually, seeing these two similar creatures interact with their style. They talk to each other politely, but it feels very much that both are suspicious and just trying to take advantage of each other. </p>
<h4> Then what is the effect of Frieza's betrayal? Read on the second page! </h4>
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