Ukyo Kodachi Explains Why Many Elements of Technology in the Boruto Manga!

If there is one prominent thing that distinguishes the era of and Boruto's era then it is a very rapid technological development to the extent that it makes no sense. Perhaps, some of you are wondering: why is manga Boruto greatly accentuates technological developments? Ukyo Kodachi as the author of the manga story Boruto also explained the reason.

In an interview via Twitter conducted by Anime Science 101, Ukyo Kodachi was asked why he decided to add a great deal of new technology into Borhor . In addition, he was also asked whether he has a science background. Here's what Kodachi answers:

"The background of science came from my father. He is a medical doctor. And I get a lot of ideas from sci-fi rpg, Shadow Run, Tokyo NOVA, MAGE, and more. I want to combine traditional ninja stories with sophisticated technology. "

In addition to the reason why he incorporated the technology into Borhor Kodachi was also asked whether Boruto would explain biotechnology in the future. Which he replied as follows:

" Yes, I also want to explain about biotechnology. "

Looks like the wishes of Ukyo Kodachi has manifested this one desire. Given the tweet was issued in January and by the time this writing was made itself already in March, the story Boruto had arrived at Team 7 against "Cyborg" Ao.

Actually, come to think of it, biotechnology has existed since the time Naruto . Orochimaru has created a way for cloning, transferring DNA, and, not to forget, Sharingan implants into the hands of Danzo, and much more.


This kind of biotechnology is still compatible with the setting of the Naruto world, but experienced a very unbalanced development in Boruto with the advent of machines that could even make ordinary people absorb Chakra .

From Ukyo Kodachi's answer, we can conclude that the story Boruto was really made by him-certainly, with the supervision of Masashi Kishimoto. This is a bit different from the Dragon Ball Super where the essence of the story is made by Toriyama while Toyotarou is just developing it.

Manga Boruto has now reached chapter 21. Do you enjoy manga Boruto with its many sophisticated tools so far?

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