Turn, One Piece Turn of Episode 809 Delayed For Super Dragon Ball


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<h4> After yesterday's Dragon Ball Super holiday for the sake of <em> One Piece </em>this week's turn <em> One Piece </em> episode 809 pending for <em> Dragon Ball Super </em>! </h4>
<p> So how? Satisfied you with the spectacle <em> One Piece </em> this week? Episode 808, in particular, is very emotionally draining. The anime loyal audience <em> One Piece </em> was treated to a heart-wrenching duel between Luffy and Sanji. Meanwhile, the manga readers are still kneading their hearts for having to see the scene again, this time with visual and sound. </p>
<p> It has been so, the 808 episode also closes with snapshots of the Straw Hat happy moments, in stark contrast to previous Sanji and Luffy conflicts. There may be audiences who cry for it, and the more they want to see the continuation of the anime's Whole Cake Island plot. </p>
<p> But yes, the bad news is you have to wait an extra week to watch <em> One Piece </em> episode 809. </p>
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Yep, Dragon Ball Super last week off for the special duration One Piece . This time, it was clear One Piece episode 809 which had to be turned off so Goku and his comrades could come back with a special duration.

Dragon Ball Super will return this week with episode 109. Promised that [DragonBallSuper will last an hour. Let's see what that means episode 109 will be immediately followed by 110, or this 109 episode will last an hour.

What is clear, fan Dragon Ball Super will be treated to exciting action. After as long kept by Toppo, Jiren the Pride Trooper strongest will clash with Goku. Unmitigated, said that Goku will also exert a new Super Saiyan form just to keep up with Jiren. So, how powerful are the alien beings?

Video preview which airs at the end of episode 108 also shows that before Jiren, Goku still has to handle Brianne from Universe 2. So far Brianne shows herself able to keep up, even complicate Goku. So it seems that Goku must power up, because he can no longer underestimate the most prominent fighters of the Universe 2.

So who do you think will win in this duel? Will Goku directly defeat Jiren, or Jiren show his toughness and instead defeat Goku? Convey in the comment field!


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