Trio Chef and Tumbangnya Gear 4?!


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<h4> The battle approaches the summit by showing their intention to gather on Cocoa Island. What will happen next? Consider the prediction <em> One Piece </em> 883 following! </h4>
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This article may contain spoilers. For those of you who have not read One Piece 882 or who just follow the anime series only, it is advisable to think twice before reading the following One Piece 883



Ideo Involved Pirate War?!

The cover story this time officially started the story of Ideo, the XXX Alliance Gym Martial Arts representative. Seen there he was watching the battles between pirate ships. Since it is almost impossible for Ideo and the alliance to run a pirate ship from Orlumbus with only four people, Orlumbus may have lent his crew to deliver each member of the alliance to its origin.

So far they have got the cover story of famous pirates: Cavendish, Bartholomeo, and Sai. Unlike the Ideo that is so far unknown to have fame in the criminal field.

If looking at the cover story that is likely to involve the Ideo on the battle between pirates, the author argues that Ideo will eventually reap the name there. Ideo and his friends who are members of the alliance will "reconcile" their battle, and are famous from there.

What effect? Ideo might get the game and become his own pirate captain. But that's too far, according to the prediction [OnePiece 883 later Ideo and his new friends will see what's going on ahead of it and get a bit involved in it, intentionally or not.


Germa Reborn

After his astonishing appearance at the end of One Piece 882, it is certainly not surprising that One Piece 883 will begin with them. Ichiji and his brothers seem to have succeeded in destroying an army of Big Mom pirates and taking over the call of denden mushi.

Predictions One Piece 883, Ichiji and others may be shown looking for a way to move towards Cocoa Island. Whether by interrogating Big Mom's men or by other means, the writer can not yet know for sure.

For you who wait for the presence of Luffy and his Gear 4, may have to be patient. According to the author, One Piece 883 may be centered on …


The Greatest Chef's Trio

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<p> Last they appeared on <em> One Piece </em> 880 and just started cooking there. The previous chapter, <em> One Piece </em> 881, centered on the battle of Luffy and Katakuri as well as how the Straw Hats crew survived the giant waves thanks to Jinbe. While the focus <em> One Piece </em> 882 was a meeting of all parties involved to Cocoa Island. </p>
<p> If this chapter is about those who want to go to Cocoa Island, then the next chapter will probably focus on those who are already on Cocoa Island. Although not fully completed, according to writer Sanji will show skill in cooking. Will Sanji, Pudding, and Chiffon finish Wedding Cake on time? </p>
<h4> Luffy's 4th gear will collapse? How can? Consider the prediction <em> One Piece </em> 883 on the second page! </h4>
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