Tragic Jiren's Past Revealed? !!

As usual, the discussion of Dragon Ball Super 127 contains spoiler so if you are actually looking for the episode yourself, you go into the wrong article.

This time the author even really recommends Dragon Ball fans to try to watch his episode just read this discussion. Still remember official preview about this episode, which is already serve also earlier?

Despite being seriously injured, Goku and Vegeta still stand up against Jiren from Universe 11. However, their attacks do not give any effect on Jiren and they are just getting tired. Then, 17, who had been watching Goku's fight, Vegeta vs Jiren begin to move against Jiren and look for the right opportunity to attack.

It turns out that this synopsis is really just the outer shell of the episode. For the writer, this is one of the most non-episode episodes in Dragon Ball Super with lots of surprises.

It's been watching or do not mind the leak? Please read the review below!


1. Jiren with Full Strength Success Beating Universe 7

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<p> As seen in episode 126, Jiren who had lived alone finally took off his full power. His Ki jet shows that the red aura he showed before was only <em> preview </em> only. True combat made him like wrapped by fire. </p>
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In this form, Jiren is able to confront Goku, Vegeta, and 17 at once. Though Goku and Vegeta have exerted their strongest form each, but Jiren succeeds to beat them back to normal.

One of highlights Dragon Ball Super 127 This is clearly the time when Goku launched Super Saiyan Blue Kamehameha and Jiren obliterate the projectile's pace just by boxing uppercut .

2. Android 17 Be the First Successful Warrior to Injure Jiren

Successfully beat Vegeta and Goku, after eliminating Kamehameha Goku with uppercut Jiren tries to all but complete his opponent. Then 17 came and blew the full force from behind.

The author had suspected that this attack will fail too, to show how dangerous Jiren. But surprisingly … it was not.

Jiren is still able to fight smoothly, but Khai the Supreme Kai of Universe 11 just confirmed that Jiren was injured by the surprise attack 17.

This is definitely a remarkable achievement for the Android, who so far proved himself worthy of being recruited.

It is worth remembering that before this Jiren was against Ultra Instinct Goku, Limit Breaker Vegeta, Hit, and Super Saiyan Kale Legendary. None of them were able to leave the wounds seen on Jiren's body, but 17 successfully made a hole in the back of this powerful fighter and left blisters.

From this it is clear: 17 probably will not survive Dragon Ball Super 127, but he will not be conquered.

Jiren's past is revealed ?! Consider the advanced discussion Dragon Ball Super 127 on the second page!

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