Tragic! Here are 8 Dreams of Mugen Tsukuyomi that Will Not Be Achieved!


These shinobi can only reach their dreams in Mugen Tsukuyomi. Maybe it's the most beautiful dream they get. This is the dream of the eight sshinobi.

Mugen Tsukuyomi is one of the greatest genjutsu ever. To use this jutsu, the user must have a Rinne Sharingan and reflect with the moon so that the light is visible to all.

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People affected by this genjutsu will be unconsciously lulled into the dreams of the ideal world they aspire to. His energy, chakra, and personality will be absorbed into the tree of God and transformed into Zetsu White in the end.

Let's see what the owner of this tragic dream is.


Hinata Hyuga

Hinata dreams of building a love affair with Naruto, a figure she had loved since childhood. Naruto is a figure who is always called when needing motivation and encouragement.

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But not this part that does not materialize. The problem is in this Hinata dream, Neji Hyuga is still alive.

Hinata is finally able to live happily with Naruto. They are even blessed with two children. But Neji never seems to be coming back.


Kiba Inuzuka

Apparently not only Naruto, Nawaki, and Dan are ambitious to be Hokage. Kiba apparently dreamed of being a Hokage with Akamaru being a companion figure.

Kiba also obliges all Konoha residents to keep dogs and set dog day in Konoha. Perhaps it's a good idea, too, is this Kiba idea applied to Konoha? Certainly you guys dog enthusiasts will greatly support Kiba to become Hokage.

For the moment, no sign of Kiba will be designated Hokage. Even if Naruto fall, there are still many who can be placed as a replacement. Starting from Kakashi (who can return to Hokage, like Hiruzen first) to Konohamaru, who are already eyeing the position.

At least, last seen hell now Kiba has become so popular in the world Naruto .


Shikamaru Nara

This time Shikamaru dreams about the ideal conditions he envisioned. Shikamaru during his youth lost two of the most meaningful to him, his father Shikodai Nara and his teacher, Asuma Sarutobi.

He witnessed Asuma being tragically killed in the eyes of his own head, while he could not save the life of his father whom he already knew would be a disaster.

Shikamaru sees his father and mother talking and Asuma's teacher with Kurenai holding the baby, but he himself does not hold anyone. Unfortunately, this beautiful dream can not come true.

Fortunately the emptiness of his life was filled by Temari, whom he later married.

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