Toppo So God of Destruction at Dragon Ball Super 125 ?! How Can?


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<h4> <em> Preview </em> <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> 125 shows an interesting surprise: Toppo is the new Deity God! But how can this happen? </h4>
<p> The incident in <em> preview of Dragon Ball Super </em> 125 This may not surprise the loyal readers <em> </em>. The reason, Toppo became the god of this new Destruction has been revealed since the episode synopsis <em> DBS </em> 123 to 126 was announced. </p>
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Dragon Ball Super Preview 125 of this week's episodes further clarify the situation. Android 17 will be assisted by Golden Frieza in the face of Toppo. 17 and Frieza apparently succeeded in pushing the Pride Trooper's leader, but Toppo then became the new Deity God.

In short, it is certain that Toppo will be increasingly difficult to defeat. The author feels Toppo will eliminate between Frieza or 17 first, before he finally collapsed.

Between that or Frieza and 17 will be equally eliminated with Toppo. (Eg 17 wrapped Toppo with his energy shield, while they both fell).

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But How Is Toppo So God of New Destruction?

It could only happen that Toppo is mobilizing his maximum strength, and he can reach the level of God of Destruction like Jiren. But the writer feels that's not what happened.

It is worth remembering that Toppo had been predetermined to be the god of destruction for Universe 11. If for example Belmod retires, then he will continue that position.

If Toppo is urged by the combined forces of 17 and Golden Frieza, then the writer feels Belmod will be desperate. Time is getting closer to the end. No matter how hard Jiren and Toppo are, now they are outnumbered. If Jiren was unable to get rid of Goku, Vegeta, 17, and Frieza on time, the Universe 11 would be gone.

Well, the writer feels that Belmod will resign as God of Destruction in Dragon Ball Super 125! Even if he keeps this position longer too, Universe 11 will be destroyed. So with early retirement, he can influence the course of the tournament.

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This retirement of Belmod may make the gods destruction from within him flow into Toppo, whom he has appointed as a possible successor. Well, this provision of power makes the Pride Troopers' leader even more dangerous.

The tactic seems to be illegal. If so, will Zen-Oh allow it?

Given the duo of this main god often allow things that are supposed to be illegal but end up entertaining anyway, if true Belmod does that, they will surely leave it.

That's the writer's speculation about how Toppo became the new God of Destruction. What if you think? Please report in the comment field!


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