Toei Reveals Vegeta's Latest Form Name

While fighting with Goku against Jiren in Tournament of Power Vegeta awakens his new strength that surpasses Super Saiyan Blue and is virtually equivalent-or slightly overwhelming-the power of God of Destruction possessed by Toppo. Although it has a form that is almost similar to Super Saiyan Blue, but Vegeta's latest form has some differences, you know!

The most striking difference of Vegeta's latest form is his aura ki which is more shiny and dazzling than the usual Super Saiyan Blue. In addition, the hair color is also darker with edges that are more pointed. In a way, the shape of her hair coupled with a slightly more muscular Vegeta body makes it look similar to the Super Saiyan Second Grade that he used before against Semi-Perfect Cell.

Many fans have named [Vega's latest Vegeta Limit Break etc.] form . However, some time ago, Toei finally revealed the name [Vega'slatestform. The name form itself is rather long: Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan – Evolution or SSGSS Evolution ( Shinka in Japanese).

On the other hand, Toei also revealed that form Toppo was named God of Destruction Mode. Neither form owned by Vegeta and Toppo is on the same level as the God of Destruction.

Although his powers are equal or even slightly higher than the God of Destruction, but Vegeta still remains unable to defeat Jiren-and even be eliminated from the Tournament. Now only Goku and his Ultra Instinct are expected to defeat Jiren in Tournament of Power .

Despite having Ultra Instinct, but it does not seem to make Goku automatically win the fight. The reason, the synopsis for Dragon Ball Super episodes 130 and 131 gives plot twist which is quite surprising.


Dragon Ball Super now only 2 episodes remaining, with episode 130 released on March 18 and episode 131 released on 25 March. Are you looking forward to the end of the story Dragon Ball Super this?

Source: Dragon Ball's Official Website

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