This Weakness The Yonko! It Turns out They Can Be Defeated Also!

A Yonko, one of them alone is very powerful and can even slaughter thousands of people alone. The Devil Fruit Strength Yonko is also very strong and dangerous, however, what is the weakness of Yonko?

Even so, out of the total of five Yonkos already shown, only three whose Devil Fruit powers are known, namely Whitebeard, Big Mom, and Kurohige, while the other two, Kaido and Shanks are not yet known whether they eat Devil Fruits or not, they are also very strong.

Devil Fruit Yonko is very strong and dangerous, but it does not mean no weakness, because every Devil Fruit must have its shortcomings, for example as Goro Goro no Mi belongs to Enel who turned out weak with the ability Luo Gomu Gomu no Mi. Yonko's weakness is also related to their physical abilities, therefore Kaido and Shanks will also be discussed here.

Then, what are the weaknesses of Yonko? Are their weakness hard to find? Apparently not! List the following weaknesses of Yonko!

Big Mom, or whose real name is Charlotte Linlin being the only Yonko known to be female. Nevertheless, he is very powerful and dangerous.

This Yonko possesses the ability of the Devil Fruit Soru Soru no Mi, which allows Big Mom to control the soul and also gives the soul to inanimate objects.

Previously, we discussed first with the weakness of his Devil Fruit. Soru Soru no Mi has several weaknesses, and is already featured in the Whole Cake Island storyline.


The downside is people who are not afraid of death, for example is Jinbe. If the target is not afraid, then Soru Soru no Mi's abilities will not work, and the person can not be manipulated his soul.

In addition, Homies, objects or animals given souls by Big Mom can also be defeated, and also neutralized the forces of his soul, as the example of what Brook did to the chess army.

On the other hand, Big Mom is like a figure with no weakness, though it actually exists. If he is sad, then he will be confused and can be attacked, especially if the cause of his sadness is a picture of mama Carmel being destroyed, although to straighten out this way is quite difficult.

What about Yonko Whitebeard's weakness? Immediately you check on the second page!

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