This time, Who is the strongest Uzumaki from Naruto to Boruto?!

The Uzumaki clan is famous for its many chakra supplies within them. Not only that, the Uzumaki Clan also has a reputation as the best seal expert in the world, allied to the strongest clan in Konohagakure village, the Senju Clan!

As the era passed, his reputation as a seal expert certainly faded, but through Naruto, the new era of the Uzumaki Clan began! Thus, who are the strongest members of the Uzumaki clan? Check it out!

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<p> Karin is a descendant of the Uzumaki Clan who is always seen as a supporter of Sasuke, even after Sasuke breaks his heart by marrying her with Sakura! </p>
<p> However in terms of strength alone, as Karin Orochimaru's assistant also has a unique ability in chakra transfer as a healer. However, in the case of a direct fight it was obvious that Karin was far away. </p>
<p> As part of Taka, Karin is most seen as Sasuke's burden to achieve his ambition. And visible, compared to Sakura who developed incredibly rapidly to become the most powerful medical ninja in the world, Karin only feel at home as a team healer only! </p>
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So, how about the other three Uzumaki Clan ninja? Is not it almost all Uzumaki figures already discussed in this list of strengths? Will Naruto be ranked first in this list? Find the answer on the next page!

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