This Reason Why Dragon Ball Movie Animation Will Wow!

Since Dragon Ball Super was first released, many fans were not satisfied with the quality of the animation-even Akira Toriyama himself admitted that he was dissatisfied with the animated quality Dragon Ball Super . Afterwards animation Dragon Ball Super is increasingly increasing, although it can not be called special too.

Well, for those of you who are not satisfied with animation Dragon Ball Super then you should watch movie from Dragon Ball which will air by the end of this year . This is because Dragon Ball Movie which will be the follow-up story of Dragon Ball Super has the potential to have a much better animation than the series. The reason, the animation director of movie this is Naohiro Shintani!

So, how good is this Shintani-made animation? You can judge for yourself through some anime footage movie below:

Yes, Shintani was the one who ever became key animator for One Piece Film Z . In addition to One Piece Film Z Shintani has also worked on a special episode Dragon Ball: Yo! Son Goku and His Friends Return !! Here is an animated battle of Trunks & Goten vs. Abo Cado in that special episode:

It appears that the animation made by Shintani is very subtle and the battle presented is also very cool. Well, with the appointment of Shintani as animation director to Dragon Ball Movie surely we can hope that the animation will be of great quality.

Of course not only Shintani alone causes Dragon Ball Movie this will be of great quality later on. Tatsuya Nagamine who had been a director for One Piece Film Z will direct this movie. Not to be missed art direction will also be done by Kazuo Ogura who also worked on One Piece Film Z and One Piece Gold Film .

With such a line-up of course Dragon Ball Movie is going to be a very good movie

There is still no official title for Dragon Ball Movie this later. To be sure, movie will be released on December 14th this year. Can not wait to watch it?

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