This Proof of Sai is the Ninja's Most Soul Character in Naruto


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<h4> Why Sai became the real ninja in the Naruto <em> series </em>? This is the reason. </h4>
<p> Serial <em> Naruto </em> does tell about Ninja or Shinobi fight. However, do they really fight as real ninjas that exist in our world? </p>
<p> Unfortunately, almost all the characters in the Naruto <em> series </em> do not reflect the real Ninja or Shinobi. Why are they not like Ninja? The native ninja in our world has a special ability, that is furtive and invisible, distinctly different from the Naruto <em> series </em>. </p>
<p> Almost all Ninjas in the series <em> Naruto </em> always fights with enormous powers, and of course, does not hide. They will fight directly in front of the face, perhaps more like a Samurai or another close-range fighter. </p>
<p> Even the last war or the Fourth World War Ninja alone spent a lot of Ninja troops and with a massive battle. Have you ever imagined there are Ninjas that can split mountains and ravage the land? Certainly only in the serial <em> Naruto </em>. </p>
<p> Is there any character from the Naruto <em> series </em> that still cling to the real Ninja? Sure there are, though only a few. Of the few characters, there is one that is best known and probably most liked by fans, namely Sai. </p>
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With Jutsu this, Sai more often uses it to do reconnaissance. He can draw black mice and send him to lurk in the opposing territory, unnoticed by his enemy.

He can also draw birds as aerial scouts, and will return to send important information related to his opponent. As the former Anbu, Sai can also control her existence as well as possible, so it is difficult to be detected by the opponent when he follows his enemy.

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<p> In combat, Sai also more often uses melee attacks. If his enemy is not too strong, then Sai does not have to bother to remove his excessive inking technique, even though he once took out a giant crab made of his image. </p>
<p> Do you agree with this? If you agree that Sai is the real Ninja in <em> Naruto </em>then write your opinion regarding this silent character in the comment field, yes. </p>
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