This is the Trailer Gegege no Kitaro (2018), Anime Substitute Dragon Ball Super!


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<h4> <em> Gegege no Kitaro </em> back again! This classic anime will officially fill the airtime <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> starting next April. What's the anime like? Check the trailer! </h4>
<p> Readers <em> </em> would have known if the drama's <em> Dragon Ball Super </em> officially ended since the end of March 2018. So far, Fuji TV has dismissed the possibility of shifting airtime, had to part with Goku for a while. </p>
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Substitute Dragon Ball Super was already determined: Gegege no Kitaro ! Yep, the classic anime that tells about the Yokai. It seems the outbreak of nostalgia also hit Japan. Previously Mahoujin Guruguru, who had aired in Indonesia, made a modern version. Now Kitaro is so.

Like what Gegege no Kitaro this 2018 version? You can see the picture through the video trailer below!

The design of each character as well as the voice of a voice has been determined. They are …

Kitaro, voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro.

Medama no Oyaji, beamed by Masako Nozawa. By the way, Masako Nozawa is also the voice of Goku you know.

Mana Inuyama, voiced by Yukiyo Fujii.

Nezumi Otoko, voiced by Toshio Furukawa. Furukawa also previously filled the popular Dragon Ball Piccolo.

Neko Musume, voiced by Umeka Shouji.

Ittan Moments, filled with a voice by Usopp's voice, Kappei Yamaguchi.

Konaki Jijii and Nurikabe, voiced by Bin Shimada.

Sunakake Baba, voiced by the voice of Luffy, Mayumi Tanaka.

In terms of character design anyway, the most interest the author is touch cute to the young girl figure. But this seems to be happening everytime there is a new version Kitaro . This is an example of the development of Neko Musume, which indeed grew ever more cute in every iteration.

Then, as you can see above, Neko Musume is even more beautiful in this 2018 version.

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The series was directed by Koji Ogawa. Sorata Shimizu became the character designer and chief animation director . The music is handled by Yasuharu Takanashi and -yaiba-. The producers of this series are Fuji TV, Yomiura Advertising, and Toei Animation.

Gegege no Kitaro 2018 will start airing April 1, 2018. The date is interesting, but do not expect this show will suddenly be hijacked by Goku when it starts. This is not Poptepipic .

Source: Anime News Network


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