This is the Strongest Deity Ranking to the Weakest in Dragon Ball Super!

Dragon Ball is a series that combines elements of Science Fiction and Fantasy. In the series created by Akira Toriyama, we can find aliens, robots, and even gods. Well, talking about the gods, a lot of new gods are popping up in the Dragon Ball Super series . Roughly, who is the strongest god in the Dragon Ball Super ?

Here is a list of the strongest gods in Dragon Ball Super sorted from the weakest!



The weakest deity is We -the protector of planet Earth. We are the first unnamed, but commonly called the God of the Ruler / Us. He is a creature of the Namek nation and has the name Katas, and is a good version of the Piccolo Demon King. After We died, his position was replaced by Dende.

Although first appeared to be called the strongest creature on Earth (other than Piccolo), but our power was followed by the rapid development of Goku and Piccolo itself. In addition, the replacement Dende is also not a type of fighter. This is what keeps us at the bottom of the list of the Strongest Gods.




Kaio is the god who oversees Universe 7. The level is above Us and it is known there are 4 Kaio who supervise Universe 7-possibly so with other Universe. Although it seems not good fight, but We ourselves confess that Kaio has a greater power than himself.

In addition, Kaio was also the god responsible for training Goku various techniques such as Kaio-ken and also Genki-Dama .


Old Kai

Old Kai is a god who comes from the 15th generation of Kai. As a "retiree", he serves as the current supervisor and advisor of the Supreme Kai (Kaioshin): Shin. Though old, he has a power that can not be underestimated and deserves a rank above Kaio.


This was once explained by Shin, when he first met Son Goku, that every Supreme Kai has the power to beat Frieza with one hit. Of course, Frieza in question is Frieza who has not received the Golden Form. Well, while Kaio himself is afraid of Frieza. So, Old Kai is stronger than Kaio.

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