This is the Short Name and Profile of All Dragon Ball Super Beats!


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<h4 class= Towards the end, now the angels Dragon Ball Super have become increasingly clear of his name and duties. This is the fact of the inspectors and mentors of this God of Destruction!


Awamo (Angel Universe 1)

This obese archangel for the God of Iwne's Destruction of the Universe 1. Iwne is one of the most competent deities of destruction among other universes. Once competent, even, until the Universe 1 does not need to join the Tournament of Power. Mortal level the universe is in line with expectations.

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It is therefore also the nature of Awamo not particularly indicated during the Dragon Ball Super series .


Sour (Angel Universe 2)

As an angel Dragon Ball Super who oversees Universe 2, Sour always looks cold, does not go with Helles's behavior, the Goddess of Destruction he supervises.

But that does not mean Sour does not care about the semestanya. Sour showed his concern for the Universe 2 fighters with a smile to Brianne, after the mainstay fight of Universe 2 was eliminated by Android 18. He also seems to respect when Zirloin, Rabanra, and Zarbuto inherit the power of Kamikaze Fireballs.

When his seminary is gone, Sour belongs to one of the angels Dragon Ball Super who looks sad.


Campari (Angel Universe 3)

Mule, God of the Death of Universe 3, is practically very eccentric. He has an organic body (which is only visible when he is about to be destroyed with his semestanya), but he spends most of his time inside a robot called Mosco. Therefore in the beginning many who think the name of the god of the destruction of Universe 3 Mosco, but in it still there Mule.

The thing is, Mule's words voiced by Mosco sound like a digital soundless sequence. Campari also had an additional task, as well as a martial arts instructor and instructor, as a translator of Mule's words.

And yes … actually if Mule wants to not trouble Campari, he just stay out and talk alone. As he had done before it disappeared.


Cognac (Angels Universe 4)

God of Destruction of Universe 4, Quitella, arguably has a very prominent personality. The one god is very cunning and seems to have too much confidence. Quitela even remained convinced he would win, though his remaining fighters were not very strong.

Perhaps because of his God of Destruction so, Cognac showed absolutely no reaction when the universe he supervised was annihilated.

The angels Dragon Ball Super others can you check on the second page!


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