This is the Reason Eiichiro Oda Allow Live-Action One Piece American Version!

One of the most horrendous news of last year is that there will be the live-action One Piece American version.

Previously, America proved capable of messing up the fan's favorite legendary manga through Dragonball Evolution . Given the world One Piece is equally fantastic with the world Dragon Ball, it is no wonder that many OPLovers are afraid of how the quality of the series is. Luffy's character may be confused as he once characterized Goku ruffled in Evolution and his world suddenly shifted into the modern real world.

So why does Eiichiro Oda allow live action one Piece American version? Her interview with Katsuya Terada gave an answer. The problem is, the answer actually feels sad.

It is said that Oda wondered how many years he could work One Piece in full force. One of the reasons Eiichiro Oda allowed live action One Piece American version is he considers this the last chance for such a thing, given what his stamina is like now. Oda is worried that he does not have enough energy to meet with foreign staff after several years. (2 to 9 years).

Oda has been working on [OnePiece since 1997. He has spent more than two decades entertaining fans through his famous work. Heard Oda hesitated as to whether she could maintain her stamina to work on projects One Piece is actually quite a worry.

Now hope that producer Marty Adelstein can answer the belief Oda provides by making a minimal television series that will not infuriate OPLovers around the world. There is currently no latest update about the project from Adelstein. But if there is an announcement about the cast or the photos of the filming location, is guaranteed to preach it.


How did you respond to the reason Eiichiro Oda allowed live action one Piece this? Convey in the comment field!

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