This is the Most Renowned Pirate of the 4 Ocean One Piece!

In the world One Piece there are five oceans, namely East Blue, South Blue, West Blue, North Blue, and Grand Line. The Grand Line itself is subdivided into Paradise and New World.

Well, the pirates who come from outside the Grand Line usually have to struggle just to get in there. Just look at Luffy and his group, who are required to bring the Going Merry across the incredibly steep Reverse Mountain.

This is because illegal sailors like pirates have to rely on their navigation and ships, while official parties such as the Navy and World Government can get through the more accessible Calm Belt thanks to the discovery of Vegapunk.

Who are the most famous pirates of the four seas One Piece ? Let's see.

No, the most famous pirate of the ocean One Piece This one is not Luffy. Of course the figure to be reckoned with in this position is the Pirate King himself, Gol D. Roger, whose name is still remembered even after his death.

East Blue is known as the weakest oceans of the rest. But anyone who is able to reach the Grand Line from here often proves to be extraordinary figures who will ultimately carve out remarkable achievements.

Outside the pirates, East Blue is also the hometown of Monkey D. Dragon; criminals most feared by the World Government.

The most famous pirate of the sea One Piece West Blue and South Blue parts can you check on the second page!

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