This is the Kick Kick Tsubasa Ozora Who Became His Mainstay In The Match!


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<h4> In a soccer match, our all-time captain Tsubasa Ozora has a kick that has become his mainstay like Tsubasa Ozora's kick following! </h4>
<p> In the anime and manga series <em> Captain Tsubasa </em>we are familiar with the main character Tsubasa Ozora who aspires to be the greatest footballer in the world. Surely as the main character and a great player, Tsubasa has some mainstay moves, and this is Tsubasa Ozora's kick kick that became his flagship! </p>
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<p class= Drive Shoot (Kick of Eagles)

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<p> Drive Shoot is also known as Kick Eagles in Indonesia. Kick this kick is a kick that became the mainstay Tsubasa, and became his trademark. Drive Shoot itself is a football kick technique that really exists. </p>
<p> When Tsubasa wants to use the Drive Shoot kick move, he will pull his right leg back with a high enough distance, even parallel or over the top of his head. After that, he kicked the ball strong and straight. </p>
<p> With a position like this, the ball will soar, so the opponent's goal keeper will think that his ball will be out of the field. But he was wrong, because when in the air and near the goal, the ball will dip down towards the goal, and was born a goal. </p>
<p> Why in Indonesia is called Elang Kick? At certain moments and in the game, when Tsubasa wants to use Drive Shoot, there will be a portrayal of an eagle, in addition, a ball that swoops from a height symbolizing an eagle that jumps prey on its prey. </p>
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Drive Shoot also has several other categories such as Miracle Drive Shoot where the ball will turn, swoop down toward the grass, and bounce off at the goal and outwit the goalkeeper.

In addition to Miracle Drive Shoot, there is also a Flying Drive Shoot where the ball is swooping but not straight, and Drive Shoot Overhead or Salto Kick Eagle where Tsubasa jumps like a salto kick, but he uses Drive Shoot-style poses.


Overhead Kick (Salto Kick)

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<p> The overhead kick or Tsubasa's Salto kick is also really cool and all of you childhood watching <em> Captain Tsubasa </em>definitely wants to try a salto kick, but this kick is actually quite dangerous if not trained. </p>
<p> Tsubasa will kick the ball into the air, then he jumps. After jumping, he will rotate his body position where the head is under and the legs above. Strong and fast, he kicked the ball upside down. </p>
<p> Salto's kick Tsubasa has several different types, such as a salto with a ball that is bounced off the goalposts, or a salto but spins in advance when jumping, like Carlos Santana's. </p>
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Sky Wing Shoot

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<p> If the Drive Shoot ball is swooping down, then it's different from Sky Wing Shoot. This technique is similar to Hyuuga's Raiju Shoot. The trick, Tsubasa will pull his legs back like Drive Shoot, and swing it very strongly, even just like Hyuuga, until the grass field will be scratched with his shoe. </p>
<p> The kicked ball will go low, and as it approaches the goal, the ball will rise upwards. If Drive Shoot is a hawk that plunges its prey, then Sky Wing Shoot is a hawk that wings its wings and flies into the sky. The meaning of Tsubasa's own name is wing, and Ozora is the sky. </p>
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<p class= Twin Shoot

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<p> Twin Shoot is a combination kick from the golden pair Nankatsu, Tsubasa and Misaki. Actually, this kick-kick is not their only special, because the Tachibana brothers and the golden pair of Toho, Hyuga and Sawada can also do it. </p>
<p> Twin Shoot Kick was discovered by accident, in Nankatsu match against Meiwa. At that time, Tsubasa was very depressed and felt scored. The ball was free without the master. </p>
<p> Reflecting, Tsubasa approached the ball and took a kicking position with his right leg. Without his awareness, Misaki had already done the same pose beside him, but using his left foot. </p>
<p> Twin Shoot takes place, and the ball rotates erratically, so the goalkeeper, Wakashimatsu confuses guessing the ball's direction, until finally the ball goes into goal. </p>
<p> That's some of Tsubasa Ozora's kick kicks that became his flagship in the game. Which one is your favorite? Write your opinion in the comment field, yes. </p>
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