This is the greatness of Shinobi Konoha! They Successfully Quell All Akatsuki Members!

Akatsuki is a fugitive organization with members of the S class ninja. Of course it is not easy to defeat them. However, the Konoha shinobi succeeded in crushing him. From teacher to student can finish off Akatsuki members. Here is the story of the fight and death of Akatsuki members in the hands of Konoha shinobi.

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<p style= Defeated by: Sasuke Uchiha

Itachi Uchiha's death is one of the phenomena in the shinobi world. Itachi is known as a traitor in Konoha village and is a talented shinobi in the Uchiha clan. In fact, Sasuke's goal to kill Itachi was not to suppress him as a member of Akatsuki, but to wreak his old grudge. This fight has long been awaited by Sasuke.


The battle of two members of the Uchiha clan presents a high class fight with a captivating jutsu. Sasuke who has greatly developed can break away from genjutsu Tsukoyomi Itachi, shy away from Amaterasu and also defend from Susanoo. With the help of the curse seal, Sasuke can make Itachi overwhelmed.

However, it is unclear that Itachi was actually killed because of fatigue, disease, or exposure to Sasuke's attacks, or even all three. What is clear Sasuke can beat Itachi in this fight.

Defeated by: Might Guy

Rivalry Guy and Kisame have been around since Naruto was a kid. It was Kisame and Itachi lurking Konoha village after the Orochimaru attack. Taijutsu Guy was powerful to fight the mighty Kisame and Samehada.

Kisame uses Samehada to fight Killer B who participated along with Guy. With a shark-making jutsu, he attacks Guy and tries to run. Konoha Shinobi who ruled Taijutsu did not give up and used 8 doors, opened it up to the seventh level and managed to defeat the Kisame sharks. Finally, Kisame cornered and committed suicide with his shark's jutsu.

Defeated by: Sasuke Uchiha

Sasuke once again becomes a predator for Akatsuki members. In order to discover Itachi's whereabouts, Sasuke must confront other Akatsuki members, Deidara and Tobi's team. Deid is the one who fought Sasuke out of hatred and revenge against the Uchiha clan.

The fight was fierce with the sale and purchase of attacks. Deidara used every effort to defeat Sasuke. C1 is easily broken, while C2 is quite a hassle with human bomb attacks that can fight and blow up.


However, it is not strong enough to injure Sasuke. The mainstay of C3 and C4 must be done. Sasuke who was hit by a C4 attack, a nano-sized bomb that entered the body and make the victim disappear, can disable it by using his lightning jutsu. As a last resort, Deidara uses C0 and blows himself up with Sasuke. However, in fact Sasuke survives.

Defeated by: Sakura Haruno assisted by Chiyo's grandmother

Actually Sasori's fight is against Chiyo's grandmother, a fellow kugutsu user. However, Sakura's role in overcoming Sasori's resistance is helpful. Sakura as a living kugutsu succeeds in crushing Hiruko, the strongest defense attached to Sasori's body thus making him reveal himself the real one. Sakura also succeeded in destroying Sasori's third Kazekage doll with her strong blow.


In this fight, Sakura tries very strongly in using her power to attack and survive Sasori poison. Finally, Sasori was defeated with his mother's father doll controlled by Chiyo's grandmother. Here is the end of Sasori's life.

Continue to page 2 for a fight between the Konoha Shinobi with other Akatsuki members!

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