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Gather world-class players from the Captain Tsubasa universe, then form the strongest team! Only on Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team!

We may know the figure of Captain Tsubasa. But behind his fame, there are families around him who always support the action of Captain Tsubasa. Who are the Captain Tsubasa's family? Is football's talent from Tsubasa a hereditary?

The characters of the Captain Tsubasa family usually appear at the beginning of the story of Captain Tsubasa, also occasionally a supporting cast. No wonder their echoes are not overheard buried by the hilarity of Captain Tsubasa's actions.

Here are the families around the life of Captain Tsubasa.

Kodai Ozora is the father of Tsubasa and Daichi and husband of Natsuko. He works as a ship captain and travels a lot. This makes the care of most children raised by their mothers. Although he was rarely present in Tsubasa's life, but if his spare state, he was not absent home to gather with his little family.


He often leaves the family, as when he moved with his family, Tsubasa was two years old. But the opportunity with the family is not wasted, this even continues with the birth of his second child, Daichi, who was born shortly after Tsubasa left Japan.

He is a good friend of Roberto Hongo, because Roberto is indebted to him. Kodai who can undo Roberto's intention to commit suicide because of depression.

Physically, he is described as a tall skinny man with a black mustache. There is no visible talent of soccer in him, making Captain Tsubasa seem to have a natural instinct in his soccer talent.

Natsuko Ozora is the mother of Tsubasa who is very close to her son. Because her husband is always traveling far away, this makes the role of parenting mostly done by him.

However this became heavy when Tsubasa planned to go to Brazil. Nevertheless he always supported Tsubasa's decision to develop his soccer skills. This made him to be alone at home for abandoning her husband and son. But luckily Daichi, Tsubasa's sister, was born when Tsubasa went to Brazil. He also named Tsubasa's sister Daichi, which means Earth, with prayer that at least her sister would not cross the world like her father and brother.

Natsuko became Tsubasa's number one fan as did Sanae. He always watched Tsubasa's game both on the live and on television.

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